How to remove cellulite at home: a comprehensive approach

To understand the question, is it possible to remove cellulite at home, you need to start to understand what it represents. The enemy must know in person, so drop complex medical terms and speak in plain language to us. Cellulite is fat accumulation that is enclosed in a dense capsule. That's why the outer manifestation of the "orange peel" looks like bumps. The main problem in the fight against cellulite is that you can clear it using normal methods to eliminate excess weight, it is impossible, as the walls of the capsule holding body fat inside.

Many wonder about how to quickly remove cellulite at home without resorting to expensive salon treatments and massages. Unfortunately, to do this quickly is almost impossible. In principle, a guarantee that you urgently will help to get rid of him in the cabin, too, no one gives. First, the result depends on the stage of development of cellulite and methods of struggle. First, second and third stage is quite disposable at home. This will require an integrated approach, systematic implementation of procedures and your perseverance.

To remove cellulite at home in the course of a month or more, using the following methods:

  • proper nutrition;
  • scrubs, baths and wraps;
  • self-massage;
  • exercise.

All these methods need to be used in the complex, and after a few months you are going to consult the bridesmaids about how to remove cellulite from thighs and abdomen.



Reconsider your diet: surely it is not quite correct. For starters, eliminate sweet, with a strong desire to allow yourself a small bar of dark chocolate. Instead of sugar try to use substitutes, it is better natural, for example, stevia. Smoked, salted, fatty and fried foods, alcohol, sugary sodas and Smoking – this all contributes to the deposition of fat, which is cellulite the hill.

Scrubs, baths and wraps

These methods will help to remove the cellulite even in advanced stage. They are used comprehensively. To carry out these procedures through the day for a month or two.

Baths with sea salt and allow excess liquid to activate the lymph flow. Cook them is easy: you need to get enough to dip the problem areas the amount of water and add 2-3 tablespoons of salt. Take a bath you need 10-15 minutes. Then, you should go through the body scrub. It may be cooked alone, you mix ground coffee with sea salt and shower gel. Then legs, hips and stomach to grind hard sponge. As a result of these procedures, the skin should be pink and hot, and tingling will say that all the necessary metabolic processes under the skin layer is activated.

Now is the time to make the wrap: the pores are open and able to accept treatment, and rapid blood outflow will deliver them to the cellulite deposits. For wraps you can take any components that are not allergic reactions. To remove cellulite will help blue clay and honey, salt, red pepper, cinnamon and, of course, essential oils (cypress, fir, pine, rosemary and citrus). The mixture is applied evenly on the problem areas and then covered with cling film. Top dressed warm clothes. The duration is not less than 40 minutes. After wrapping the skin you need to moisturise with a nourishing cream.


Massage has always been one of the most powerful methods of influence on the "orange peel", it allows to disrupt the capsule holding the fat, which is waning under the influence of body wraps and scrubs. A very popular massage vacuum banks. This method is available to women even with average incomes, as acquiring banks once, no additional costs. The massage is performed with oil, which you can buy at the pharmacy or make your own on the basis of any fatty base oil with addition of anti cellulite essential oils.

Massage apparatus

The main advantage of this type of massage is complete hygienic and more quickly achieve results than with manual massage. Due to the mechanism of the machine effects on the body fat is even on the deepest levels. Thus, goes not only orange peel, but the extra pounds, and the silhouette becomes more clear and attractive.


Physical activity

The sport will allow you to quickly withdraw from the body results breakdown of cellulite deposits (fat and toxins). You can study at home by purchasing a CD with exercises, attend group fitness or gym. To quickly remove cellulite will help run: at all times he was the first assistant in this struggle.