How many calories should you eat a day to lose weight

As a rule, the result of calculation of the daily calorie most overweight people get the numbers from 2 to 3-4 thousand calories a day, maybe more. In order to lose weight you should eat 1000-1400 calories a day. The more you consume the amount of calories differs from the digits, the smaller the result from diet, and if the number of calories is 1800 — 2000 kcal a day, you won't lose weight.

How to calculate how much should you eat a day?

However, for lovers of mathematical calculations, we provide a formula that can more accurately determine the amount of energy consumed per day and thus know how much you need to eat to lose weight. Once again I repeat that it is desirable to move to consumption of 1000-1400 calories a day without the need for complex calculations.

Thus, the energy costs consist of the following components: basal metabolism + energy required for work + energy expended during leisure time + energy spent on digestion.

Intake of calories a die

Main exchange

This is the amount of energy needed to sustain life of the organism, which is at rest, i.e. in the morning, lying in bed on an empty stomach at a comfortable temperature. For men, this value is 1 kcal per 1 kg of body weight per hour, and for women is 0.9 kcal/kg/hour. That is, if you weigh 90 kg, per day main exchange will be: 0.9 kcal x 90 kg x 24 hours = 1944 calories. We calculated basal metabolism for a woman who wants to lose weight. If one calculates your nutritional balance to lose weight, it is necessary to determine the amount of calories to the desired body weight. Back to our example: suppose that the desired weight is 60-65 kg. so the exchange should be: is 0.9 kcal x 65 kg x 24 h =1404 calories.

The energy that is spent in the process

To cover energy expenditure in sedentary work is sufficient for approximately 26% of basal metabolic rate. If your basal metabolism to lose weight, amounted to 1404 kcal, then the muscle work in sedentary work requires 365 kcal. For people of different professions have already calculated the value of energy cost during 8-hour working day:

  • under light physical work to mechanized work professions (technicians, cashiers, programmers) to cover the energy consumption requires approximately 1,000 kcal;
  • for persons performing moderately heavy work (workers, machine operators, drivers of vehicles), you need 1500 kcal;
  • to cover the costs of physically heavy work requires 2000-2500 calories, and sometimes more (the miners, the land of cops, athletes).

The flow of energy throughout the day

Energy consumption during leisure activities consist of housework, sports and leisure. The table shows the approximate energy cost of various activities.

Energy expenditure during leisure, based on standard human weight of 60 kg.

De industria fluunt per diem

Activity calories/hour

  • sleep 50
  • rest lying down 65
  • reading aloud 90
  • homework type, washing dishes, Ironing, cleaning 120-240
  • quiet walk 190
  • a brisk walk 300
  • Jogging 360
  • skiing 420
  • rowing 150-360
  • swimming 180-400
  • Cycling 210-440
  • skating 180-600

Dietary thermogenesis

For consumption and disposal of food, the body spends some energy. Found that the most difficult to digest protein foods, and for the utilization of carbohydrates and fats requires 10 times less energy than for protein. In the mixed form of power, which is most physiological, the basal metabolic rate is 6.5% of basal metabolism, that is, in our case it will be expenditure of 91 kcal/day.

Calculation of caloric value

To calculate how many calories each day enters the body, look at the corresponding table of caloric content (energy value) of food. In addition, the calorie content is usually listed on the package.

Correction of body weight should start with explaining the basic calories daily diet, the body not to lose weight and not get fat. Then, depending on the set goal to lose weight or gain weight is to adjust it to the appropriate menu.

The first method. Within a week or two, taking their way of life, each day write down the amount of food eaten. Then by calorie table to determine the average daily amount of calories.

The second method. It is believed that for every kilogram of body weight requires approximately 30 kcal. Thus, to determine how many calories you need to eat per day, multiply 30 calories per body weight in kilograms.

Quam ad adjust diet

How to adjust the diet

The resulting figure will allow you to adjust your daily diet depending on goals:

  • if body weight remains constant, that a change is not required: the body spends as many calories as it consumes;
  • in the case of overweight, the tendency to its increase should reduce calorie daily diet, but not to abandon food;
  • if excessive lean is to increase the energy value of the daily diet.

Even with a slight imbalance of calories – for example, entering just 100 extra calories every day for the year accumulated 4.5 kg of body fat. That's why it's so important to return not only the optimal body weight, but to keep it at this level, to fully expend all the calories preventing their conversion into fat.

Having determined the basic caloric intake for weight loss you can reduce your daily diet by 200-300 calories. In any case it is not necessary to lose weight faster than 100g a day. Otherwise the body will not have time to adjust to the changes, the disruption to the function of internal organs and systems.

The recommendation of the nutritionist

How many calories a healthy person? Recent studies have shown that people consume on average 3000 calories a day.

How much you need to eat a calorie really is? The rate should vary between 2000 and 2500 calories. Thus, people tend to eat more than they need. Daily the amount of calories consumed does not correspond to the real needs of the human body and, low physical activity, forming reserves of excess fat. To keep yourself in shape, you must change the diet.

If you want to follow strict diet and to lose weight fast, you can use the following menu, which is based on daily consumption of 1200 calories.

Try at least 30 minutes daily exercise to speed up the diet. In addition, you will lead to tone your muscles! As they say, kill two birds with one stone.