What to eat to not gain weight. How to eat to not gain weight

The main reason why we gain excess weight is the wrong power system. Because if You do not improve your power system, no ways of getting rid of excess weight: running, strenuous exercises, creams will not give positive results. Also do not give the desired results of slimming cream special belt, teas for getting rid of excess weight. What is proper nutrition and how to adjust it to begin to lose weight? Correct nutrition is adherence to the rules, because our body throughout the day required a certain amount of food, because all the excess will go to fat, when fasting, the body also will feel comfortable because it would not receive the necessary substances and this will feel uncomfortable. Because it is necessary to consume only a certain amount of food that is necessary for normal functioning of the body. To do this simply adhering to certain rules of supply, due to which the body will dump all the excess.

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  1. To eat at certain hours. Make hours and mealtimes and strictly adhere to them. One of the reasons of excess weight becomes a violation of the meal and snacks. The human body is so constituted that follows certain rhythms, so the process of digestion takes place in the intervals between meals, because if You during the day, constant snacking, the body can not lose weight.
  2. Consumption of large amount of water. If You want to quickly and intensely to lose weight, drink plenty of water, because the human body is 80% water, therefore when there is insufficient intake of water all body processes slow down, our body can't work at full capacity: slow down metabolism slow burn fat. Therefore, for the normal functioning of the body need sufficient amount of water.
  3. To get rid of high carbohydrates foods. Large, often very large consumption of carbohydrates is the most common cause of weight gain. The main diet of many people includes a large number of carbohydrates: bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and snacks in the form of different rolls. For quick weight loss it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, try to forget about them. All about carbohydrates it is impossible to forget because they are also needed by the body, try to give preference to low-calorie cereal and fruit.
  4. Consumption of protein foods. One of the problems why many people gain extra weight is a small protein intake and excessive consumption of carbohydrates. The secret of proper nutrition is that our body requires more protein food that is more nutritious and less calorie, which will allow remaining fed to lose weight.Protein foods are various kinds of meat, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese.

First rule: if you want to lose weight and fix the result, you will have to learn how to cook. Semi-finished products, ready meals, sausages and smoked industrial production of poorly balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates contain lots of sugar and salt and additives and preservatives that slow down the metabolism of the body.

The second rule: to lose weight, you need to eat. Exactly! To stay in shape, not to starve. Deprivation and restrictions invariably lead to breakdown. The body is important to obtain a sufficient amount of nutrients and calories.

Ast excessus adipem cum dairy products

However, you cannot exceed the milestone of 1400-1800 calories a day. The exact amount is calculated individually based on the specific parameters of the person and lifestyle. In addition, you need to follow the 8 key rules that are based on complementarity of nutrients.

A hearty Breakfast

Nutritionists agree that a wholesome Breakfast helps prevent weight gain. That is eaten before noon, gives energy and is burned completely. In the morning eat whole grains (oatmeal, granola, multi grain bread), nuts and dried fruits, dairy products, fruits and berries. Prepare smoothies. It will be a great start to a new day.

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Eat at the expense of one-two-three. According to experts, the habit of eating three times a day is ideal. It allows you to avoid strong hunger and, as a result of overeating, leading to overweight.

Don't be afraid to change the diet. You can dine at noon, and two hours of the day. And dining is like at seven in the evening, and at ten, if you stay up late. The main thing – not to miss a single meal.

Vegetable fibers

Each meal should include raw vegetables, cereals (including pasta made of durum wheat or whole wheat bread) cooked green vegetables (pod beans, spinach, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli). These foods improve digestion and help keep weight under control.

About 80% of women on the planet are struggling with excess weight. Others, on the contrary, striving to gain the missing weight. Perhaps it will seem incredible, but the fact remains: weight gain is a more complex task than to reset it.

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Absolutely all the strategies for weight gain based on the increase of caloric intake and performing various exercises aimed at building muscle mass. But first and foremost it is important not regular exercise and proper diet to gain weight, and your positive attitude!

And about it often forget, because the decision to start to gain weight is often taken on the emotions. And we all know that emotions – something not very durable, so most people are working in this direction for a short time, and hence achieve negligible results. That is why a positive attitude is so essential at all stages of the struggle for the perfect figure.

So, let's see, in what should be a proper diet to gain weight.

The caloric intake should be increased gradually. After a rapid increase in the food intake depressing effect on the appetite.

Proper diet for quick weight must be complete and comprehensive. It should contain enough vitamins, trace elements, mineral elements, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

You need to lead an active lifestyle.

A proper diet to rapid weight gain should be explored and often – about 5-6 times a day.

Should reduce the number of thermally processed foods.

It is necessary to abandon the unjustified use of antibiotics.

Products to gain weight

Proper nutrition to quickly gain weight should be protein and carbohydrate. Half eaten protein should consist of such products as meat, fish and eggs. For this purpose, the perfect chicken because it is much easier to digest, and the protein contained in it helps the muscles of the body become more prominent. Moreover, your diet daily must be present: dry milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

Pyramid of food for weight gain

Do not forget about fats. For this you need salads with olive, soybean or sunflower oil. Proper nutrition to recover, must contain carbohydrates. They are present in pasta, potatoes, bread, sweets, etc. Also should drink more fluids – at least two to three liters a day.

If you want your diet to include vitamin and mineral supplements and sports supplements that are designed specifically for weight gain. But here it is better to consult a specialist in this area.

To achieve maximum results just need proper nutrition for muscle growth to be combined with special training.

Such activities stimulate the metabolism, thus changing for the better metabolism. If we load the muscles, then starts an internal growth mechanism. As a result, there is a good appetite, and as a result of right to meet this need, you gain muscle growth.

But it should be noted that not all exercises will give the desired result. Workouts that focused on weight gain, should be highly intensive, short-term and with quality restoration.

As you can see, to get better is not difficult. You just need to strictly adhere to the established rules. Moreover, it is not necessary to increase the amount of food consumed and incur additional costs on its purchase.

If you wish to gain not just weight but muscle size, then read the article “diet for muscle“.

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1. Eat as much as you want, but hourly

The classic advice of nutritionists — eat fractional, four or five times a day is not for everyone. If you noticed that this diet triggers your appetite or, conversely, you eat through force, because you don't have time to get hungry, bring the meals to two or three a day.

2. Burn excess fat with dairy products

Three to four servings (50-100 g) of yogurt, cottage cheese, firm cheese, yogurt, milk triggers the fat burning within cells and how they help you drop weight. As shown by research, it's all about calcium, phosphorus and magnesium — it is this trio of minerals accelerates the decay of excess fat, especially in the waist area.

3. Eat water

Due to lack of water slows the metabolism, deteriorating the appearance and health skin (dry skin and early wrinkles + insomnia), accelerating the process of aging. British dermatologist Howard Murad advises to compensate for water shortage (2-2. 5 l per day) in the first place with the help of vegetables and fruits. They are rich in antioxidants and water, which easily penetrates into the cells of the body, without disturbing the circulation and causing swelling.

4. Use aromatherapy

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In winter extreme conditions sweet and spicy scents of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, citrus, tuberose, Jasmine, patchouli, lavender, rosemary not only warm and uplifting, but also save you from the binding stress.

5. Make friends with flax meal

In the flour it contains all the most necessary for the body fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins B, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants, they are important to the immune system, nervous system, brain, healthy skin and hair.

6. Disguise vegetables

Vegetables are the fiber and vitamins. Without them, the metabolism slows down, and in the digestive tract trouble — constipation and inflammation. If you hate vegetables, hide them in sauces. Pasta and rice make pesto (grind in a blender dill/Basil/cilantro, garlic, olive oil, grated Parmesan, pine nuts and lemon juice) or similar herb sauce, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, leeks, hot peppers and avocado. Potato dishes and meat — a mix of green onions, sour cream, salt and hot pepper. The fish with a mixture of boiled and finely grate the beets, horseradish, lemon juice and spices.

7. Control appetite

Learn to identify that for a long time satisfies hunger and increases appetite.Some appetite awakens soup, others apples. For most of us products-provocateurs, sweets, white bread and pasta, deep-fried food (potatoes, meat), meat products and delicatessen (sausages, meats).

In conclusion, we should say that if, in spite of all the above tips on nutrition to get better, the weight gain does not occur or even weight loss is, is to go to the doctor! Because such weight loss can be due to any serious disease!