Ketogenic diet menu for a week with recipes and a grocery list

What is ketogenic diet menu for a week with recipes and a grocery list, contraindications, and side effects of this type of food — all this and more you can read my new article.

ketogenic diet

Hi, friends! About the dangers of the tendency to believe in "miraculous ways" for weight loss I've said many times. With the so-called ketogenic diet, weekly menu for which can be found in many sources, I will have to delve into the mystery, which is not to say. I assure you, this is very interesting and will be useful to everyone.

I'm not going to argue that ketogenic diet menu for a week which it is attached — just a way to mislead the brains of naive citizens. This is not so. To lose weight it is possible. Just need to know about the consequences and to comply with the mandatory conditions. What? I'll tell you.

What does a ketogenic diet?


About this method mention many authors of books about healthy lifestyle. For Example, Lyle McDonald.

The name of this way of eating comes from the word "ketosis". You already know that carbohydrates are necessary for every person to generate energy. Simple and complex, they are broken down into glucose, which gives the molecule of ATP — the energy source for the life of our cells.

If you enter the body in a state of deficiency of carbohydrates, he will have to use to get glucose amino acids from protein molecules. When lack of receipt of protein in the course can go their own proteins in our body, especially the skeletal muscles.

But there is an alternative source of energy is fat. Our liver can break down fatty acids and release as energy for the brain and other organs ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies are three substances:

  1. Acetoacetate
  2. β-hydroxybutyrate, β-hydroxybutyric acid
  3. Acetone

β-hydroxybutyrate, β-hydroxybutyric acid is the main energy source when no carbs. It work the mitochondria of the cells in our brain and muscles.

I'm not going to describe the complex biochemical path and the Krebs cycle, let me just say that the result is a state of ketosis — the high content of ketone bodies in the blood. A similar process in the body is considered to be physiological and it's no big deal. Excessive amount of ketone bodies in the blood indicates the smell of acetone. They smell our breath, urine and sweat. This is a sure sign that you've entered into a state of ketosis.


But the condition of ketoacidosis pathology. It is very dangerous for the body and can lead to severe poisoning and global metabolic disorders up to coma.

A little biochemistry for those interested in the process from the inside.

the process of ketosis

Ketoacidosis is not caused by lack of carbohydrates and lack of insulin or impaired its functions. Insulin is the transport hormone that pulls glucose through the membranes in our cells. Transport &mdamdash; cell energy fast.

Then the body immediately begins to secrete the lipolytic hormones, which are able of fat cells synthesize fatty acid. In this case these hormones are antagonists of insulin. This fatty acid is getting into our liver and converted to ketone bodies.

The overall picture is. In the blood of a huge number of glucose (no insulin) and a huge number of ketone bodies due to hormones, (no insulin, these hormones there is no one to suppress). They are formed and formed.

Kidney urgently have to get rid of excess glucose and ketone bodies. is Included the mechanism of osmotic diuresis. Well, and then washed out electrolytes, which can lead to death.

In General, anything can happen in two cases:

  1. If you have type I diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes )
  2. If there is dehydration (diarrhea, vomiting, taking special pills)

Advocates of the method suggest to stay in ketosis longer than a few days. Quickly exit it by increasing the intake of protein and carbohydrates.

The principle of power

In the classic version, the ratio B/W/U in this type of power would look like this: 15/80/5. That is, the basis of the diet should be fat. The feeling of hunger on a ketogenic diet should not arise, because the food should be consumed enough calories. Although it can affect the lack of minerals and vitamins.

You ask: why do I need to enter a state of ketosis? I answer: it is believed that adapting to using fat as the main energy source, our body will easily part with excess fat and weight.

What are the side effects in the first stage will tell you that you have ketosis:

  • lethargy, lack of energy;
  • nausea;
  • pain in the stomach;
  • diarrhea;
  • the smell of acetone breath;
  • clouding of consciousness;
  • insomnia.

If you feel such symptoms, then the method started to operate.

It is believed that in a few days (sometimes weeks) of adapting to a new type of food, and then you'll be able to lose weight, eating mostly fatty foods. And you feel yourself begin cheerfully and well, even better than ever. Moreover, some authors say that the method is safe even for a child or for women.

Ketogenic diet menu for the week: what to eat?

Products for the ketogenic diet:

foods for keto diet
  • red meat in any products, ham, sausages and sausages, steaks and bacon, fat bird;
  • any fatty fish;
  • the testes of a chicken, better with a high content of omega-3;
  • cream butter and heavy cream;
  • fat cheese cream, mozzarella, cheddar or goat;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • avocado;
  • olive oil first cold pressed;
  • coconut oil;
  • any spices, salt;
  • some vegetables — onions, peppers or tomatoes.

All other products, especially cereals, vegetables, fruits, and sugar, should be deleted entirely. For convenience, you can print out the permitted and prohibited food in a table and refer to it in preparation for eating.

Ketogenic diet menu for a week:

I will, for example two days, the principle which you will build your diet.

1 day.

  • Breakfast: a piece of bacon, boiled eggs, tomato.
  • Lunch: shrimp with avocado and olive oil.
  • Dinner: pork chops, fat cheese and some vegetables.

2nd day.

  • Breakfast: eggs fried with mushrooms and bacon.
  • Lunch: salad with chicken meat with soft cheese, seasoned with olive oil.
  • Dinner: meatballs, cream cheese and eggs.

Varying dishes out of those recommended, you will be able to make the menu, focusing on their preferences.

According to reviews, there are also lighter options, such as diet through the day, when the added amount of carbohydrates.

Ketogenic diet menu for a week: who can, and who better to refrain

Adaptation or poisoning?

The approval of those who like this method of weight loss, no harm but good, you don't get. Moreover, this type of food is suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy, patients with cardiovascular disease. Some say it's "a powerful aid to health", and the side effects that you may experience the first few days — just adaptation.

Of course, a perfectly healthy person with no underlying issues with metabolism, you can lose weight this way. But what is interesting:

  • in the world there are people (living in the far North, or leading a nomadic life), which eat primarily fat and protein, but this is due to the place of their residence. A large amount of fat they need to maintain thermoregulation, otherwise, they will simply freeze. Well, the whole genetics is sharpened on this type of food. They even simply no carbohydrates — not growing anything useful from the plants under these conditions;
  • if the person is fat and needs to ways to lose weight — this means that their metabolism has already failed and thus this diet it is automatically contraindicated;
  • increased fat content and the introduction of the organism in a state of decomposition products of fatty acids — an additional burden on the liver and pancreas, which can lead to dysfunction of these organs;
  • if this way of eating or complete fasting transition in the breakdown of fats — a necessary measure, which only a healthy person can go without consequences;
  • the line between ketosis (a state) and ketoacidosis (disease) thin, and a control for the amount of content of ketone bodies in the blood — it's not cheap. There are special devices for measuring the level of β-hydroxybutyric acid acid in the blood and the "exhaust" of acetone in the breath.

We are warned that ketoacidosis impaired metabolism is a direct path to severe illness or death. Who can guarantee that you metabolism so good and what your body can handle? Even an experienced doctor will be able to give you an accurate answer.

menu keto diet

Say, "Stop!"

I promised to tell you something. Here it is:

In animals, such as cows, ketosis is considered a serious disease. It occurs when the cow is fed concentrated feed (grain) or fatty dressings (e.g., sunflower cake). That is, because of an error in feeding the cow give a little carbs and lots of fat. From the consequences of her have to treat, and then to pass on the meat, because the cow has been ill can no longer give birth to normal calves. Keep it becomes impractical.

Keto milk that get from it during his illness, eat people. They can not only poisoned, but even provoke the development of leukemia (blood cancer).

But when we are talking about people such as pathology is not considered. On the contrary, advertised ways how to enter!

Despite the likely consequences, the Internet is full of reviews about the benefits of keto diet. It is no secret that the consequences can be, but write about them through the line with positive feedback. Whether believe that if you decide to poison your body with is your good will, and they're like, not my fault. Whether you think: "Maybe blow over — and the patient will lose weight and not play dead".

I'll tell you straight: the consequences will be and you won't like it. You may argue: "Why not sacrifice health for the sake of fashion for a slender body? I ready quick to get rid of accumulated fat and burn all the blue flame!.."

Maybe it's better that the fat is not to save? And if you have accumulated is to find a slower, but safe way to get rid of it? He is and he's around you, is only to lend a hand.

You can purchase my video course at any time whenever you want. To contact the author through feedback, ask questions and get my advice. I was able to lose fifty pounds and you know what they say. And ketogenic diet menu for a week — you just do not need.