Cold packs at home: benefits and effectiveness

The principle of cold wraps is very simple. The procedure will allow to narrow the blood vessels and pores, i.e. in the tissues will start the process of lymph flow, causing toxins and wastes that accumulate over time in the body.

Cold wrap helps to solve many problems

  1. The procedure effectively fights cellulite. Also this kind of wrapping is recommended for prophylaxis even if the "orange peel" in the troubled zone. Only 1-2 wraps a week will help to forget about the existence of the problem.
  2. Reduces swelling of the skin, which also affect unwanted weight.
  3. Cold packs are allowed to do for varicose veins. Treatment to relieve pain in the legs after a hard day, relax muscles and relieve swelling.
  4. Toxins and toxins that constantly accumulate in the body. The result improves the General condition of a person.
  5. Increases skin tone and firmness. If after pregnancy to hold 2 sessions per week and eat right, then fade stretch marks.
Frigus sarcinas

How to make cold packs at home

Anti-cellulite cold wrap can easily be done at home, in contrast to the hot, this is its main advantage. In order to proceed, you will need to prepare the following:

  • anti cellulite mixture;
  • plastic wrap;
  • a few scraps of cotton fabric;
  • anti-cellulite cream to enhance the effect.

Gradual preparation for the procedure

  1. The first thing you need to well cleanse the skin in the problem area. To do this, best to use a scrub. Suitable means homemade or store-bought butter . If the wrap is done more often than 1 time in a week, it is recommended to purchase soft scrub so it will not damage the structure of the dermis.
  2. After the skin has been cleansed, you can begin applying the anti-cellulite composition. Variants of such masks a lot. Each woman selects the suitable one for yourself. You need to be guided by the result that I want to.
  3. The next step is the treated areas to "wrap" pre-prepared food film. It is necessary in order to maintain the desired temperature. Additionally be covered with a thermal blanket or wear warm clothing, no need. The mask is left for a period of time from 30 minutes to 90.
  4. After the procedure, the mixture is washed off the skin with lukewarm water, then problem areas are treated with a cooling cream based on algae and medicinal plants.

After cold wraps it is recommended to use anti-cellulite cream to enhance the effect. You need to choose a product with natural composition, in order to avoid irritation on the skin.

The best recipes of home masks for cold wraps

Options of many recipes. In pharmacies with a wide selection of mask for cold wraps. To use them just to mix with a small amount of water and apply to body. However, at home you can also make a natural mask, perfect for anti cellulite body wraps.

Best recipes homemade anti cellulite masks

    Mask with agar-agar. Need a good whisk two egg yolks, then add the camphor essential oleum (15-20 drops) and 1 teaspoon of agar-agar. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency, is applied to the body for 20-30 minutes.
  1. Recipe with blue clay. It is known that blue clay effectively fights cellulite, tightens the skin and restores its elasticity. The pharmacy need to buy a sachet of powder, mix everything with water to get the consistency of thick cream. For greater effect, you can add a few drops of camphor essential oil.
  2. Recipe with potatoes. Peeled raw potatoes RUB on a medium grater, to not work out too much juice. The obtained slurry is applied on the problem areas, body wrap film. A lot must not keep yourself at least 40 minutes. It is known that potato starch draws out toxins and impurities, smoothes the skin and restores its elasticity. Potato cold packs can be done twice a week.
  3. Treatment using vinegar (you can take Apple or table) gives a stunning effect after a few applications. Convenient container is diluted vinegar (1:1 ratio). Then there you can add some essential oil of orange or lemon. Strips of cotton fabric soaking in the solution, then they turn into problem areas, the top wrap-food wrap.
  4. Treatment using organic coffee. Ground coffee poured boiling water so to make a porridge type mixture. Then it must be cooled down to room temperature, add a few drops of orange essential oil for anti cellulite effect and apply to body, wrapped in cling film. This procedure can be repeated once a week.
  5. Recipe based on green tea. Green tea is a powerful fat burn tool. Few people know that with his help, the house can make a cold wrap and achieve incredible results after a few weeks of repetitions of the procedure. It is necessary to grind using the grinder 5 tablespoons of natural green tea without additives. Then, the resulting mixture is poured boiling water to form a paste. For best results, added to these are various essential oils, but only after cooling the primary mixture.
  6. "Strawberry delight". Summer time is an excellent period to saturate my body with vitamins, not only inside but also outside. As soon as strawberry, women need not to miss an opportunity to make cold packs at home using this berries. The fruit mash with a fork, there a little heavy cream is added, the resulting mixture is applied to problem areas in an hour to rinse. The only caveat, strawberries has a bleaching effect, so if one just arrived from sea, the sun can be damaged.
  7. Oil wrap. Correctly mixing the essential oil and extracts you can get a great blend to combat dullness and sagging skin. The mask - olive or almond oil (approximately 50 grams). Then there are added other ingredients. Suitable oils of lemon, grapefruit, mint, orange. As in the case of vinegar, the mixture soak gauze bandages or cloth strips are placed on the skin and turn into a film.

Contraindications for cold pack

Despite the fact that this cosmetic procedure is safe, there are still a number of cases when a cold wrap is strictly prohibited.

In the list of "taboo" has got the following categories of people:

  • women during pregnancy, lactation or menstrual cycle;
  • if a person affected areas of the skin, has abrasions or burns, apply there anti cellulite mass is strictly prohibited;
  • women with diseases in gynecology (forbidden wraps in the stomach area and buttocks);
  • persons who have individual intolerance to individual components included in the mask;
  • people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cold body wrap at home is easy and affordable. Everyone can find an hour of free time this weekend to devote some time to your body. It remains only to choose the mask and start the process. Regular wraps will help permanently rid yourself of thoughts cellulite and bad stretch marks.