Easy kefir diet for weight loss menus and tips

Yogurt – low-calorie dairy product that is not greasy and affordable drink. No wonder developed diets based on kefir. This is a quick and easy way to lose a few pounds. Despite this, in kefir mono diet has its drawbacks that you need to know.

kefir diet

The basic principles of the diet

  • the main product is kefir 1%, depending on the kind of diet, the consumption of drink is recommended from 0.5 to 2 liters of product;
  • meals are divided into six equal parts during the day;
  • it is recommended to consume water from 1.5 to 2 liters a day;
  • in addition to yogurt are allowed only low-calorie foods;
  • in the period of the diet completely eliminated sugar, salt, coffee and black tea;
  • all types of diets is short-term.

What to expect from the diet

For a short period of diet can get rid of 3-5 pounds. But do not relax, diet still has a temporary effect, weight can return after the release of hard constraints. However, to eat long strictly prohibited.

How to prepare diet yogurt

The preparation of yogurt it is possible and in house conditions. Unlike the factory, the homemade yogurt will have little shelf life, which indicates the natural and normal lactic acid bacteria in the product. To prepare low-fat 1% yogurt needed a liter of cow's or goat's milk 1%. Can be purchased in drugstores with special kefir starter, and you can add 1 Cup of the finished kefir into the milk, which in itself already is a starter.


  1. In heated to 40 degrees milk, add the yogurt;
  2. Immediately pour the mixture into a jar and set in warm, for example, battery or just in a towel or blanket;
  3. Through the day the yogurt is ready to eat.
diet yogurt

What products you can replace the yogurt

For people with high acidity, yogurt can be replaced with low-fat yogurt or sourdough. Since the lack of milk fungus will not raise the acidity.

The kefir diets

Nutritionists developed a huge number of diets based on kefir, all of them will be presented next. Their main difference is in the timing and degree of rigidity. Harder the diet, the less it is given the time. In the diet of 7 days to include some low-calorie foods, such diets are not harmful to the body, and leaving her body does not experience a shock, getting the usual foods again. The main drawback of dieting is psychological pressure, the harder the conditions of diet, the harder it is to sustain morally and physically.

Kefir diet for 3 days

Diet in this embodiment, the hard and short. In this period, the possible disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, with side effects, diet should be stopped. The main condition is to consume a half liter of yogurt a day, and up to 2 liters of water. Possible more loyal option – add 1 kg of low calorie products per day. But the effect is not so noticeable. Expected weight loss – 5 kg in 3 days.

The fasting day kefir diet

Fasting day – a less dangerous way to reduce weight, although not always yield the desired effect. One day the organism has not time to rebuild and to burn fat stores. If the rest of the days in large numbers to eat high-calorie foods. This day is recommended to drink a half liter of yogurt and water.

Winter kefir diet for 3 days

Despite the fact that the diet short-term, unlike the others, it contains a variety of foods rich in vitamins. Kefir is offered snacks in the afternoon and at night one glass. It is prohibited to salt and sugar. Diet helps to remove up to 1 kg per day. Other permitted foods, each of which is used once in three days to choose from:

  • eggs;
  • semolina;
  • cabbage;
  • hard cheese;
  • chicken soup;
  • boiled vegetables for salad;
  • chicken;
  • beef;
  • fruits;
  • fish;
  • potatoes;
  • dried fruits;
  • carrot pudding;
  • med.

Hard to call this diet is strict, given that the technique offers a carrot casserole with honey and potatoes for dinner. Rather, the diet boasts removal of fluid because of the cuts in salt, and not getting rid of subcutaneous fat.

Kefir diet for 5 days

Diet similar three-day, longer term, but no less hard. Per day 1.5-2 liters of yogurt divide into six cups and add 1 kg of one kind of vegetable or fruit. In order to facilitate the diet offered to add to the diet of chicken or beef, dried fruits, and at the same time to eat every 2 hours.

diet kefir options

Diet for 7 days

The most popular yogurt diet is considered exactly this. Available every day to drink half a liter of kefir of 1% and 400 g ready to use from the following products to choose from (one day – only one product):

  1. Potatoes (baked);
  2. Cheese;
  3. Fruit (except grapes and bananas);
  4. Chicken.

On the sixth day is suggested fasting on water – up to 2 l. the nutritionists on diet negatively, doctors do not recommend the "hungry" days.

Kefir-Apple diet

Requires six identical throughout the day – a Cup of yogurt + 1 green Apple. The maximum duration is 3 days. Also, the diet is prohibited for violations of functions of organs of digestion.

The diet includes a glass of buckwheat, which was flooded two cups of boiling water at night and a liter of yogurt. The products are used separately, in six equal servings throughout the day. It is not recommended to stick to such a diet longer than three days.

Option for 5,7 and 14 days include the protein product on the fourth day. The first three days are the same as in the previous embodiment, on the fourth day in a private reception and added a choice of 200 grams of meat, cheese or seafood.

Hard kefir diet for 8 days

Hard mono-diet, the intended result of which is loss up to five pounds. Every day should drink half a liter of yogurt.

Days Products
1 Potatoes 400 g
2 A pound of dried fruit
3 A pound of cheese
4 A pound of sour cream
5 300 g chicken meat
6 Fruit of your choice
7 3 liters of kefir
8 Only water

Diet for 9 days (a 3+3+3)

A very strict and lengthy diet where possible breakdowns. The first three days consumed 1.5 l of yogurt in equal portions, the second three days – 1,5 kg of apples, the last three – 1,5 l of kefir.

This Express diet allows up to 1 l of yogurt, and 400 g of cottage cheese. Divide into 6 equal portions.

options diet yogurt

Striped kefir diet

The diet you should adhere to 7 days, not more than 21 days. Exclude salt, sugar, spices. The diet is split into "dark" and "light" days, which alternate every day. Total calories should not exceed 1500 Kcal.

In the "dark" days allowed:

  • lean fish;
  • meat;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

In "light" days – 1.5 liters of kefir 1%.

Fruit kefir diet

The duration of this diet is 5 days. Equal portions of shares and a half liters of yogurt and 1 kg of fruit (excluding fruit with a high glycemic index).

Diet of Larisa Dolina

Thanks to this diet, the singer brought his weight back to normal and lost twenty pounds, according to the media, although the artist of this statement is not confirmed. Seven-day diet does not contain salt, sugar, spices. Intolerance yogurt, the product can be replaced by coffee or tea. Products need to divide into 5 servings a day.

Menu for the week:

1 A pound of potatoes
2 One pound fish
3 1 kg of fruits or vegetables
4 A pound of chicken breast;
5 Repeat 3 days
6 Starvation or recurrence of any day
7 Repeat 3 days

How to get out of diet

You need to understand that the Express diet is a hard limit, usually products in the diet is not so much diets work due to restriction in calorie foods. With the return to normal diet, the regime of restrictions will be in vain. If you eat wrong all of the time, no diet will save the situation. Therefore, after the diet, continue in a measure to restrict the diet, give preference to a varied menu with low calorie.

Vegetables, fruits, grains are added in small portions once a day. Continue to eat six times a day in small portions. Salt dishes quite a bit, excess salt will retain fluid and cause edema. Banned are sweets, cakes, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Let a proper diet will be permanent, then you will not have to go back to rigid diets with doubtful results.

Disadvantages and contraindications diet

Any short-term mono-diet do not have time to bring a quality result for weight loss. Basically, it's fluid loss as all diet exclude salt, and 3-7 days to burn a lot of subcutaneous fat the body will not have time. Rather, all the dropped pounds come back.

How much has been said about the usefulness of yogurt for intestine, the bifidobacteria, which normalize its work, the doctors came to the conclusion that kefir Vice versa continues fermentation, and it can even cause thrush. Still, your tolerance of the product is present at high acidity of yogurt is prohibited. Diet have psychological stress, which contribute to the stimulation of the nervous system. Diet prohibited any violations and inflammation of the digestive system – gastritis, ulcers, colitis, as well as during pregnancy.

tips and advice

Tips and advice

  • Tip # 1. Starting any diet, you should consult with your doctor. The specialist will prescribe the necessary tests, check the condition of the body before starting the diet. And then, with his permission, it is possible to start a diet.
  • Tip # 2. Always check your individual sensitivity and tolerance the main products of the diet. For a few days, drink 0,5 of yogurt, and see how the body reacts. If there is no pain in the stomach and intestines, bloating or indigestion, you can safely try the diet.
  • Tip # 3. In some variants of kefir diet proposes adding fruits or protein foods to choose from. Protein foods don't contain carbohydrates, sugar, unlike fruit. Therefore, give preference to protein food, it does not cause release of insulin, and weight loss will be more correct and quick.
  • Tip # 4. Exercise. Any physical activity helps the diet to run faster. The increase in energy expenditure through physical activity will speed up the result, and will improve mood.
  • Tip # 5. If you wish, in advance to stop the diet, especially in a hurry to eat something delicious, think about the desired result, imagine yourself more beautiful and thinner, then positive visualization will help you better bear hunger.

No sane doctor or dietician will advise kefir diet in any form. The doctors are extremely negative attitude to the rapid weight loss. The principal in this case will be the next instruction – a balanced diet, gradual weight loss, maintenance of permanent result.

There are no set five pounds of subcutaneous fat in three days, so sudden weight loss without consequences during this period too. The fats accumulate and gradually disappear. If you've gained a few volumes a year, how do you get rid of them in a week? Now try to closely monitor your diet, try to eat rich in fiber and protein products, remove excess sugar and fat. Such a diet will provide a smooth but healthy weight loss.

After get used to it and it will become a habit you won't overeat high-calorie meals, and will cease to get better. Of course, the result will not go away, and you will constantly maintain good form without strict diets.