Diet for gout: choosing a diet that you can eat, and what not?

How important lifestyle and diet for gout? Because in the middle ages, gout was called the "disease of the nobles", because met disease only of wealthy people. And it was connected with food: the royals had in abundance, meat, seafood, alcohol and confectionery. While ordinary people ate ordinary potatoes, small amount of meat and vegetables, so commoners, the disease is rarely met.


About the disease: will it help the diet?

Gout is a disease that is characterized by delay and accumulation of compounds of uric acid (urate) in the body. Usually derivatives of uric acid concentrated in the joints, causing periodic inflammation – arthritis.

Urate accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue that is manifested in the form of "growths" around the joints. Affects gout and renal system in the form of kidney disease. In advanced versions of the disease occurs renal failure – a medical emergency requiring treatment in intensive care.

Causes of gout is considered hereditary, the inhibition of urate excretion (due to inadequate renal function) or improving their education (cancer therapy or autoimmune disease). However, the main reason of development of illness and subsequent exacerbations is considered excessive intake of purines – substances that the human body is converted into uric acid.

The more the patient consumes the purines (red meats, fish, cocoa, alcohol, etc.), the more frequently he had observed the exacerbation of the disease: another pain attack is accompanied by arthritis, swelling, and formation of new nodes. In this case, frequent exacerbations lead to inevitable complications. Hence the need diet for gout: don't want the aggravation, pain and complications – follow the diet!

About diet for gout

Many patients associate the word "diet" with starvation or severe restrictions. But it is not. Daily caloric content of food which is about 2600 calories (the average amount that people consume, not stick to the diet). But the food must be committed to losing weight (if there is overweight). Proteins – main sources of purines in the diet are limited to the 80th grams per day. The amount of fat should not exceed the amount of proteins and carbohydrates can eat up to 420 gramme.

The volume of water (due to heavy load on the renal system) should not exceed two liters per day. Also because of the frequent swelling should cut a lot of salt intake to 7 grams per day.

Gout recommended drinking alkaline mineral waters. They accepted a glass of morning half an hour before the first meal. The volume of water in the course of a month can be increased to 500 ml/day. Such water can be found in any store ("Borjomi", "Essentuki") or make your own (to push the water about a day on eggshells).

diet for gout

The General principles of nutrition must be:

  • granularity (6-7 meals per day);
  • no overeating;
  • the reduction in the number of meat (2-3 times a week, while meat portion should be 140 grams, and fish – 170 grams);
  • replacement fasting on the days of unloading (to repeat once a week; you can eat the cottage cheese with milk/yogurt or fruit).

Permitted foods for gout

You need to understand that the diet for gout different from the usual recommendations for a healthy diet. Many of the products that are considered useful in gout are limited or prohibited due to high concentrations of the compounds of oxalic acid or purines (precursor of urate).

So, gout is allowed to use:

  • vegetable products (carrots, zucchini, potatoes, all kinds of salads, pumpkin);
  • meats (lean chicken, rabbit, Turkey in a day);
  • flour and macaroni products (rye bread is not fresh, crackers, pasta of the highest grades of wheat);
  • fish (lean, once a week);
  • all sorts of varieties of cereals (especially buckwheat, barley and oat);
  • dairy (kefir, sourdough, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, cheese);
  • eggs (chicken one day).
  • fruits and desserts (apples, quince, apricots, dried fruits, marmalade, jelly, jelly, nuts);
  • drinks (juices, weak coffee and teas, fruit drinks);
  • fats (olive oil and butter).

Soups are cooked in vegetable (vegetarian) broth or water (sometimes alkaline). The use of potato dishes and cereals is not limited to, the pasta you can eat up to 2 times a week. Eggs should eat no more than one a day (given to those located in the dishes).

Vegetable side dishes you need to prefer without heat treatment, however, the options available steamed or boiled/stewed. Tea and coffee drinks should be prepared not strong, is also very useful broth hips.

To diversify the menu for gout will help the sauces based on yogurt (or milk) and spices: cinnamon, pepper, vanilla, dried Bay leaves and various herbs.

Remember, complete information on approved products can be obtained from special tables in content of purine substances.

Forbidden foods for gout

Is strictly prohibited the use of large amounts of protein foods (meat, fish) and alcoholic drinks.

To limit with gout will also need to:

symptoms of gout
  • vegetables (beans, spinach, sorrel);
  • meat products (red meats, offal – liver, brains);
  • pastry (especially puff pastry);
  • seafood (herring, sardines, salmon);
  • fruits and desserts (figs, chocolate, meringue, pies and other creamy desserts);
  • rich broth (meat and mushroom broth);
  • beverages (strong hot drinks, booze);
  • fats (lard, cooking oils).

Need to exclude cocoa, coffee and sodas. Strictly prohibited sorrel, spinach, cranberries and legumes gout. You should refuse from spices (mustard, turmeric, horseradish) and dressings based on vinegar. Among the cheeses to give preferences need mild, and from the menu to remove all kinds of tinned products. You must also avoid cooking oils: palm oil and margarine.

Nutrition in acute exacerbation of gout

When there are gouty attacks, it is necessary not only to adhere to the prescribed treatment, but also to strictly limit menu. So, when gouty exacerbations is necessary to completely refuse from meat and fish products – the vegetarian version of the diet.

You can eat vegetables, berries, bread, pasta and cereals from the allowed list - this will be the diet for gout. Minimum protein intake is to provide a small amount of dairy products – yogurt, yogurt, sourdough. You must also increase your intake of alkaline mineral waters (not more than 0.5 l/day), total volume of fluid (up to 2.5 l/day) and increase the number of days of discharge (up to 3 per week).

To follow such recommendations not more than 14 days, then it is necessary to ensure a smooth return to a basic diet for gout.

Diet for a week

The specified menu is exemplary, it can be adjusted by adding favorite foods within these lists.

  1. Day 1: Breakfast of buckwheat, salad fruit with yogurt dressing, bread and drink their hips. Snack – pumpkin pudding and the juice from the vegetable mix. For lunch cream of vegetable soup, boiled chicken, egg and fresh juice. A light dinner of low-fat curds and jelly. At night you can enjoy a leaven or fermented baked milk.
  2. Day 2: for Breakfast, mashed potato, vegetable garnish, and weak coffee drink. Afternoon snack – an almond cookie with cheese. For lunch soup or beet hash, braised white fish with assorted vegetables, meatballs, carrots and juice. Mild dinner of potatoes, carrot salad and a milkshake. At night – yogurt smoothie.
  3. Day 3: Breakfast – meatballs, chicken, barley porridge on the water, almond liver and white tea. Snack bar with cereal, smoothies or berries. Lunch of vegetable mix, cream soup based on broccoli and black tea. For dinner cottage cheese with raisins. Before sleep – a decoction of rose hips.
  4. Day 4: Breakfast curd, buckwheat with milk and smoothies. Afternoon tea – baked fruit with yoghurt. Lunch of beetroot soup, fried eggs, baked zucchini with a dressing of sour cream and fruit cocktail. Dinner ragout of mixed vegetables with berry compote. Before bed – yogurt.
  5. Day 5: Breakfast of vegetable puree, macaroons and white tea. Afternoon snack – a smoothie. For lunch soup with buckwheat on vegetable broth, stews, vegetable mix, poached egg. Dinner – baked chicken breast with vegetables, black tea with honey. At night low-fat yogurt.
  6. Day 6: for Breakfast boiled potatoes, fried egg, soft cheese, toast, juice. Snack – cottage cheese and smoothies. Lunch of vegetarian soup, vegetables, fruit compote. For dinner, baked assorted vegetables with rice porridge, toast and unsweetened tea. Bedtime yeast and dried apricots.
  7. Day 7 (option 1): Breakfast with buckwheat, poached eggs, salad with assorted vegetables, seasoned with yogurt, white tea. Afternoon snack – jelly, For lunch the soup vegetables with breadcrumbs, boiled breast. Supper – toast, soft cheese and black tea with honey. The night – chicory. Day 7 (option 2 discharge): during the day, 500 grams of cheese and a liter of buttermilk or half a kilogram of fruit from the allowed list. The amount you drink should be increased to 3 liters per day.
recipes for gout


Below are a few recipes suitable for a diet for gout. They can be varied or replaced within the specified recommendations.

  • Vegetable soup-puree. For food need a head of cauliflower, one carrot, 300 grams of green peas, onions and herbs and spices to taste. Vegetable part finely sliced and boiled in water for about 20 minutes. The cauliflowers are classified and placed in the broth along with the peas. The soup is boiled until soft ingredients, then add spices and herbs.
  • The cream soup. You need one carrot, onion, mushrooms-mushrooms, lemon juice, sugar, sunflower oil and low-fat cream. Vegetables and mushrooms are cut and cooked in a pan in butter about 8 minutes. After the mixture is placed in a blender and crushed to a pulp. The soup is added lemon juice, sugar, after which the mixture brought to a boil. Before serving, interfering cream.
  • Chicken meatballs steamed in sauce. You will need half a chicken fillet, onion, 35 ml milk 155 grams of cooked rice, 75 grams of bread, egg, pepper, spices and herbs. Gravy: two carrots, a Cup of chicken broth, onion, vegetable oil, two tablespoons of sour cream, a spoonful of flour. Fillet, onion, egg, bread (soaked in milk) and dill mixed in the meat grinder. The ready mixture is added to cooked rice, salt and prepared mince. After you must roll the meatballs and steam for about 7 minutes. For the gravy you need to fry onions and carrots, then pour in the stock. To the mixture add the flour, salt and sour cream. Warm up the gravy, you need to put in it the meatballs and simmer for another five minutes. Before serving, decorate the dish with greens.
  • A casserole of cheese. Ingredients: 3 raw eggs, 110 grams of semolina, the same amount of sugar 500 grams of cottage cheese, 210 grams of sour cream, raisins, salt, baking soda and lemon juice. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Spoon of baking soda is poured with lemon juice, then placed in the basis for semolina. Finished mass is poured into the Foundation for baking and put in oven, preheated to 170 degrees. Need to bake until Golden brown on top.
  • Jelly and cream. Need: a liter of low fat sour cream, glass of milk, 90 grams of sugar, 1.5 tablespoons gelatin. Gelatin pour half a glass of milk and allow to swell. The rest of milk to boil, dissolving sugar in there. In warm milk put the mixture with the gelatin and stir until dissolved, then cool slightly. Cool the mixture, add the sour cream and leave in the fridge until firm. Painted dessert can beet juice or a spoon of cocoa.
  • A decoction of rose hips. You will need 100 grams of rose hips and one liter of water. Before cooking the rosehips are crushed and placed in the pan. Sliced fruits are filled full of water, then brought to the boiling point. Then the broth is removed from heat and infuse for 12 hours. To taste you can add sugar. Drinking this decoction is worth up to 0.5 liters per day.

Preventive measures for gout

Prevention of the occurrence of gout and subsequent exacerbations is:

diet for gout
  • control comorbidities provocateurs for the emergence of diseases such as arterial hypertension, obesity and atherosclerosis;
  • reducing the amount of urate that form in the body – correct therapy for tumors or autoimmune diseases;
  • increase the output of uric acid – the correct drinking regime, treatment of diseases of the excretory system.

The main point of prevention is to follow a special diet for gout, which restricts meat and fish products, tea, cocoa, legumes, chocolates and booze (especially beer is a source of nitrogen and purine bases). Such a diet contributes to less intake of purines from the outside, which leads to stable remission (absence of exacerbations), reducing body weight and normalization of metabolism.

With the development of society gout has long ceased to be a "disease of the nobility." The abundance of food was a key factor in the occurrence of disease in all segments of the population. The course of the disease complicate the so-called "diseases of civilization" – obesity, and atherosclerosis. Hence there is a need to correct power supply.

Remember, the diet for gout is not a food recommendation, as part of the treatment!