Ways effective weight loss

Who among us does not dream about a perfect and healthy body at the same time?

Most of us have dreams (especially the beautiful half of humanity) that our figure will cause the admiring glances of the opposite sex, the skin will glow with health, and the mood from all this will just go up every second.

ways effective weight loss

However, often the reality upsets us. This is especially true in the most wonderful time of the year – in the spring, when on the contrary I want to look at 100%. And, of course, most of us immediately start to think about diet and diet the most drastic, i.e. to once a week 5-7 kg. But is it right?

There are many ways of losing weight.

One of the ways to lose weight is the use of special pills. Many refer to these drugs as the miracle, and naturally expect them to absolutely incredible effect. But most often, this is not happening.

There are the following types of drugs:

  • reducing the appetite. These drugs inhibit the feeling of hunger at the level of the Central nervous system. However, these drugs are used only in people do have significant problems with weight gain, and are assigned only by decision of a doctor;
  • leading out or prevent the absorption of fat in the body. In principle, the action is not so bad, but this group of drugs is quite expensive, but one side effect is fecal incontinence. Not very pleasant characteristics;
  • supplements with laxative or diuretic effect. As the drugs for weight loss this group can be applied once, if you urgently need to get rid of a few extra pounds. However, for long-term treatment are absolutely contraindicated, as together with the waste products removed from the body and a lot of useful substances.

Thus, we conclude: simpler and more useful about this method is just to forget.

The following method of losing weight is everyone's favorite diet. It is difficult to imagine a person who says that he never sat on a diet. That's just what exactly?

Diet there is no absolute set. Even if you want to write about everything, it is almost impossible to do. However, all the diet to some extent can be classified.

Type 1. Basic starvation. The most extreme and aggressive form of weight loss. The body begins to literally eat itself. In addition, this method to lose weight is extremely painful, it was also harmful.

As if we didn't, but immediately occurs the consumption of energy materials are not problem areas. The body begins to “Rob” for example, the brain, etc., i.e. those organs without which physical activity will not break. And as a result, the person turns into a zombie. In this state, not far to the clinic.

diet for weight loss

Type 2. A different kind of mono. Less aggressive, but also somewhat harmful. The principle of operation is that we give the body nutrients but are most often protein or complex carbohydrate component (cereals, yogurt, apples, etc.). As a long-term diet naturally, this method is unacceptable, but as fasting days – essential. Even pregnant women with excessive weight gain is recommended 1 day a week to follow a diet of this kind.

3. The principles of food combining. I think this way to explain to anyone not necessary. The body receives in principle the most nutrients, only in a certain sequence and at different times. In principle, nothing wrong with a separate power supply is not. Oh yeah! Cost. Most of us complete separate meals still can't afford it.

Type 4. A vegetarian diet. Do not confuse this diet with vegetarianism. During the diet you specifically limit the intake of some nutrients, but rather completely exclude proteins. As we all know, proteins are the most valuable structural material of the body. To exclude them at a young age contraindicated. This can not only lead to weight loss, but also lead to the disruption of reproductive, immune and other systems. After 45-50 years some reduction of the amount of protein to even be useful, but not complete.

Type 5. A diet based on the characteristics of the organism. Every person is unique and inimitable system. Like the processes in the body are the same physiologically, but they come each with their unique features. It is on the understanding of these features and are these types of diets.

As an example, the diet for blood group. Its principle lies in the fact that people with different blood group should eat foods that are predominantly one food group. Base diet based on what blood groups were formed of people in the process of evolution in the transition from one stage to another. When people ate mostly meat all had only the first group. With the transition to a settled way of life and the development of agriculture formed the second, etc. the Mechanism of diet like is based on the human genetic memory. It is not necessary to limit yourself to the amount eaten, and in normalizing the process of digestion and improve metabolism.

Type 6. In fact it's not really diet. Diet implies the rejection of certain components of food or limit it. Better to call these diets just the principles of a balanced diet. What can be attributed here?

The Mediterranean diet

the Mediterranean diet

This whole system of nutrition, based on eating certain food groups. It was so called because originally is based on the basic food of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean. At the time several scientists have conducted studies and found that the inhabitants of this region are much smaller mortality from cardiovascular disease, and generally a percentage, as such, among the indigenous population is not high. After a series of studies, scientists came to the conclusion that this combination of products has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol in the blood, and just the body heals.

To begin, decide what the overall balance of nutrients must be: 60% carbs, 30% fats, 10% proteins. So with a few changes. To eat on such a scheme need not 1 and not 2 months. It is advisable to stick to a diet for a long period of time.

Further, the basic ingredients:

Oil. And outset: not just oil, but olive. It contains mostly monounsaturated fats (unlike animal fats), which reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood by increasing at the same level of "good" cholesterol in the body. That restored a positive balance of fats, and then there is a direct increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. This direct protection from atherosclerosis and related complications in the cardiovascular system. Add to this that olive oil contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which has antioxidant abilities and you will get a full picture of the use of this product.

An additional source of body fat in the Mediterranean diet is also the fats used in fish. Fish is not allowed in any. In the Mediterranean the most popular types are the deep-sea species: mullet, cod, etc. oil of these species contain fatty acids called "omega -3". They also have the ability to lower cholesterol. It should be mentioned that the fish to preserve the utility should not cook with eggs, flour and other pleasures of our cuisine. The best method is quenching with the addition of a small amount of olive oil, vegetables or baking.

Meat products, as such, a rarity in the Mediterranean diet. If they are used, but only in the form of lean lamb or beef, less commonly chicken. Frequency of use 2-3 times a week (preferably less) in small portions.

The next item is pasta. Or is it easier to say pasta. Here, again, a lot depends on varieties of pasta. It is important to only buy products from durum wheat which are a good source of fiber, complex carbohydrates, b vitamins and magnesium.

In addition to pasta complex carbohydrates enter the body of bakery products (again made from durum wheat), cereals (rice), high-quality Breakfast cereals.

Vegetables and fruits. It so happened that in the Mediterranean grows mainly vegetables and fruits yellow–orange–red scale. One of the most popular products in this category is tomato. This is a great source of lycopene. Even in small concentrations lycopene has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Also do not forget about the great effects of lycopene on male reproductive system. This substance is just a generic “defender” of our men from cancer of the prostate. Do not think that tomatoes should only be consumed in the raw form. Quite the contrary. It is in the process of preparing useful substances acquire the qualities mentioned above.

Except tomatoes don't forget about the pepper, lemons and other citrus fruits. They can be eaten alone or in dishes. You can prepare fresh juices, and you can experiment with adding them to various classic recipes.

If you are missing highlights of the Mediterranean cuisine, it is not necessary to be upset. Almost all the recipes allow (or even provide) added to a dish , various spices and herbs. The most popular are spinach, thyme, garlic , etc. most of the spice is not only aromatic food additive, but also a storehouse of nutrients. For example, garlic contains in its composition volatile. It is a powerful antibacterial and antiviral substance. In addition, garlic contains a large number of useful vitamins and minerals.

spices for weight loss

Thyme is one of the most useful herbs. In its composition it contains a higher concentration of antioxidant substances in addition as well as garlic has antibacterial and antiviral effect.

Rocket and other dark leafy salad is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C, E and beta-carotene. All they remove free radicals that are formed over time and with stress and bad diet in any the body.

Properties lemon is known to us all since childhood. The concentration of vitamin C in the lemon almost the maximum. It is an indispensable antioxidant.

If it is not possible to buy spices in their raw form, that is a great alternative to dry seasoning. Only when purchasing carefully read the ingredients. High-quality seasoning should be no additives.

And finally, one of the most popular items of the Mediterranean diet – wine. It is a traditional component of the menu of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean. It is worth to mention that you can drink only 1 glass a day for women and 2 glasses for men. That is the amount of alcohol will help with proper digestion: improves the motility of the intestine, moderate stimulation of release of various digestive enzymes.

If we talk about the protein component of the Mediterranean diet, that is to say that it also has its own characteristics.
Of course, a significant part of the protein comes from fish. However, we should not forget about such important providers of protein, like legumes. Without them at all difficult to imagine a Mediterranean menu. Any soup, broth or stew, beans are everywhere. Although legumes contain a large enough amount of carbohydrates, the total weight they are so inconspicuous that it is possible to afford to use them in such quantity.

Here, perhaps, and the main components of the Mediterranean diet. Do not think that even within 2-3 months you will feel full reducing body weight. However, the feeling of lightness, lack of digestive issues and overall improvement of well-being is guaranteed. In addition, the common indicators of lipid metabolism, including cholesterol level in the blood will eventually return to normal. And this has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.

There is still a huge number of various diets, but to respect them often very difficult, if not to help the body to burn excess calories. How can I do that? Naturally, performing specific exercise.

Physical activity – this is the third way of dealing with excess weight. I must say that this is the most correct and the best way to reduce weight, of course, subject to certain moderation.

physical activity

Any physical activity is loss calories question: how much do you have to lose? When you perform a typical action, we mostly either compensate the energy costs of energy supplied from food or even exceed the minimum required amount. All this leads to the fact that our weight is gradually increasing. When you consider the fact that with age, the amount of energy needed is reduced, and the number and quality of incoming food often does not change, the reason for the increase in weight is even more clear.

No matter what kind of diet you choose, remember that, first of all, you lose weight to become more healthy. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate method, it is worth considering that in this case the shortest path does not mean the best and right. Let you will spend on the necessary weight reduction of more time, but save, and even improve your own health and mood, and, of course, eventually get rid of these unwanted wrinkles. Maybe these folds is your "zest"?