Losing weight easily. How to lose weight in a week 7 kg without the stress and disruptions

Overweight is a problem that is familiar to many people. Overeating, frequent stress, unhealthy lifestyle and other factors contribute to the onset of the ill-fated folds on the sides, belly, etc. If you have a nose an important event or a date, we'll show you how to lose weight in a week by 7 kg. Believe me, with the right approach and compliance with all recommendations it is possible to achieve visible results in such a short period.

weight loss without stress

The rules of weight loss. Weekly marathon

Starting a week-long marathon of weight loss, it is important to understand why you go to this step. The right motivation will help you not to break and with a zeal to take up the case. So, first measure the weight and volume. Exactly 7 days you compare the results. But until that time forget about the balance and the meter.

Food. Rules, advice, tips

Asking the question — how to lose weight in a week at 7 kg, it is important to understand that not as you do. Start with nutrition. The presence on the menu of losing weight fast food, fatty foods, smoked, sausages, rich desserts is simply unacceptable.

Food rules

Menu may change depending on your preferences. The main rule is no fried, salty, fatty foods. All meals should be steamed or in the oven without adding oil. Also don't forget to drink at least 1.5 litres of clean water per day.

You can change your diet at your discretion. Not necessarily sit on a strict diet. Your main task – to observe the rules of healthy eating. This means that all food should be steamed or cooked, and contain a minimal amount of spices, oil, fats.

Also don't forget about the fasting days.

A sample menu for a week weight loss

  • Monday — vegetable day.

All meals consist of vegetables. You can bake them, cook for a couple, make salads, etc nothing but vegetables not to eat.

  • Tuesday — protein day.

On this day you are allowed to eat fish. Boil it or cook for a couple. Make vegetable salad and add a soup spoon of olive oil.

  • Wednesday — fasting day.

You will be able to decide on anything tonight, you will lose weight. The main rule — the menu should consist of one product. For example, the fasting day you can spend on yogurt or apples.

diet menu
  • Thursday is vegetable day.

As you may have guessed Thursday we eat the same thing Monday. Today, however, you are allowed to cook a small piece of the beef in addition to salad.

  • Friday is drinking day.

Probably the most difficult day of the entire marathon. You can drink all you want, of course except alcohol, soda. Yogurt, juices, soups — whatever your heart desires.

  • Saturday — fish day with vegetables.

Throughout the day you can eat any fish and any vegetables, by combining them together.

  • Sunday — the final day

Today you will out of the diet. Start with gradual entry into the diet of any classic dishes on your menu or product. For example, let the whole day you will eat vegetables for lunch, let me a tasty soup with chicken.

Choosing a particular diet, you need to understand that this is only half the battle.

The basic principles of nutrition for a 7-day marathon

In addition to following the diet, you must also follow the rules of meal in these 7 days to achieve maximum results.

  • drink 1.5 liters of clean water;
  • refrain from fatty foods, fried, fast food;
  • try to eat more fruits;
  • the last meal should be no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  • intervals between meals should not exceed 4 hours;
  • during dieting and weight loss, be sure to take vitamins;if you feel that you'll relapse, eat any fruit.

In fact, rules quick weight loss a lot more. However, we consider only the most effective. Don't forget to set yourself a goal that will motivate you to succeed in the marathon.



No diet will help you to lead a body without exercise. In order to lose weight in a week on 7 kg, it is necessary to take itself in hands and to start to actively pursue sports.

Hike to the gym. Sessions with a trainer and independently

Here you can work out with a trainer or by yourself on the equipment. Loads must be you strength, don't try to break all records in the first day of class.

The pool

Thanks to the pool can quickly get rid of cellulite and extra pounds. Swimming lessons are also well train easy and our endurance. Therefore, during weight loss, you can safely choose this option sports. In the pool you can work out different types of swimming, and also change the tempo from fast to relaxed, thereby increasing the load and increasing the number of calories expended.

Sports home

Make a list of exercises that you can do yourself. Be sure to model the problem areas. Exercise should be daily. Allowed a break of one day.

Exemplary exercises:

  • attacks;
  • squats;
  • push-UPS;
  • jumping on the spot;
  • strap;
  • leg lifts with weights, etc.

You can choose any program from the web and do in your free time. Also do not forget the morning exercises. It will help you to Wake up and give a burst of energy.

Classes outside on the Playground, on the sports field

If you are in the yard there are machines, then you should pay attention to them. Go for a jog, and then mash. If you're bored, call a friend or take to good music. Remember, the beauty of street classes is that they are absolutely free and equally effective.

The main rule of 7-day marathon of weight loss, the right combination of physical activity. They should be daily, moderate. Do not overload your body and do not exceed your threshold of endurance.

Note! If you belong to those who do not like monotony, try during the week, various sports areas. For example, on Monday you visit the swimming pool, in-Tuesday yoga, Wednesday — closed, Thursday — gym, Friday and Saturday, running down the street, Sunday Pilates. With this approach, you will not be bored, and the benefits for the figure is simply enormous.


For more effective weight loss advised to undergo a course of massage, and visit the Hammam or sauna. You can not only be updated but also to get rid of toxins, excess moisture in the body.

slimming massage


The massage course will help you to get rid of cellulite, tighten the body, helps to relax. When you choose an experienced masseur, you should consider his qualifications and work experience. The massage course will be held 1-3 times a week, so it may exceed the duration of the marathon. After completing the course you will see that the body was transformed, left sagging, the skin is more toned and elastic.

Infrared sauna

Remove toxins from the body and helps you to relax. After visiting the skin becomes gentle, soft, folds of fat will quickly disappear, and the skin will become taut. Incidentally, in comparison with conventional bath or steam room infrared sauna clears the body more rapidly.


Visit a Hammam – just 1-2 times a 7 days. Wet steam with herbs will help the skin to get enough moisture to catch up and be fed.

Remember, in the issue of weight loss is important, not only lost weight, but the final appearance. This means that you need to act holistically, caring for your skin.

A visit to the beauty salon

Yes, you will be able to provide a full range of procedures necessary for the nourishment of the body. Wraps, various Spa treatments, etc. will help you to relax and feel like a real beauty Queen. During the marathon weight loss enough at least 1 time to visit the beauty salon.

General guidelines and rules for the 7-day weight loss

  • Stick to proper nutrition. Fractional meals, small portions, live, healthy food – all this will help you to lose weight without additional loads.
  • Try to eat natural products without adding harmful additives.
  • Physical activity. Every day you should do sports. No matter what it is – simply walk, jog or a session in the gym. Load type you can choose your own. The main thing — the regularity and the maximum return.
  • Clean your body. In this issue you can resort to medical help or on their own to try to renew your tired body and eliminate toxins accumulated over the years. Go to the sauna, eat fruits — these and other actions will help to bring toxins from the body.
  • Be prepared for the fact that the lost weight can return. All nutritionists and physicians strongly against the fast diets that promise to lose 10 or more pounds in 1 week. Remember, you need to understand the capabilities of his body, not overload it and not starve. Not to be returned to kilograms of panic — maybe it's just water. Keep eating right and you will soon reach the desired mark on the scale.
  • Use different creams and emulsions for fat burning. Masks, oil assist in weight loss. They tighten the skin, fight cellulite, etc.

How to lose weight in a week on 7 kg? An interesting question that troubles many. Adhering to the above rules, recommendations you can easily bring this idea to life. However, remember that after a 7-day course may return 2-3 kg. do Not be afraid, it's water. A proper diet and regular exercise will help you maintain the result achieved.

to lose weight in 7 days

Conclusion. Insights on the subject

Lose weight in a week 7 pounds more than real. The marathon includes the following formula:

  • proper nutrition + daily + sport + treatments

Performing all the tips and strictly watching your diet every day, you will be able to achieve amazing results. The volumes will take up to 3 cm, and the weight lost in this period, the more you get back. After 7 days of intense weight loss, I advise you to follow a proper diet and visit the gym at least 1 time a week. This approach will allow you to forget about the problem of excess weight.