Menu of proper nutrition for weight loss every day

About proper nutrition for weight loss say in the media, on websites about getting rid of excess weight. To understand what this means, it is necessary to gradually and listening to the opinions of experts. Learn about what proper nutrition is, how to comply with the basic principles and painlessly move to healthy food. To weight loss has become a reality for you, try the menus and recipes for delicious, low-calorie meals!

the transition to proper nutrition

How to start eating healthy food

Problems with overweight people prefer to solve with the help of diets, and techniques such as proper balanced diet and fitness classes, workout, use a few. Irrational way of life often leads to the fact that the skin and muscles lose elasticity, increasing the stomach starts gastritis, revealed a lack of vitamins, and weight is increasing.

Nutritionists in different countries are advocating proper nutrition for effective weight loss, promoting weight loss and maintaining the body in a healthy condition. With food in the body receives a certain amount of energy and vitamins, used for physical needs. The excess energy is accumulated in the body are converted to fat deposits resulting in excess weight. Correctly will comply with energy balance.

To the power supply system contributed to the weight loss, the right there will be a gradual transition to it:

  • You first need to be gradually excluded from the diet of harmful products: bread, potatoes, cakes, candy. Drastic changes will lead to instant failure, resulting in disappointment in the effectiveness of measures PP.
  • Then you need to gradually expunge from your diet delicacies. First, reduce the consumed portions of dessert, baking, then eat these foods through the day. Gradually stretch the periods of abstinence and finally, allow yourself to "harm" only on special dates.
  • To navigate to the correct power system it is important to calculate the caloric value of food consumed and reduce it to the optimum. Calculations produce, taking into account the average energy, which the body needs.
  • On metabolism when PP takes about 1 kcal per hour per 1 kg of body weight (a child's metabolism to more actively). Physical exercise and mental stress need more energy reinforcement, if you stick to a balanced diet.
  • A girl or a woman with a body weight of 60 kg on the average spends per day, 1500-1600 calories. This amount of energy is needed for PP a healthy, hungry man, situated in a quiet condition in the room when the air temperature is 18 to 20 degrees.

The basic principles of proper nutrition

In addition to calculating the amount of food you need to find out what foods you should consume for weight loss and what to abstain. On this basis, and building the principles of good nutrition:

the principles of proper nutrition
  • The menu should be vegetables and fruits, preference for the first product group. Fruit is good, but contain sugar, a lot of energy.
  • It is important to abandon carbonated drinks, increasing consumption of plain water (preferably mineral).
  • Reduce intake of sweet and starchy products. Eliminating them completely is not necessary, sometimes indulge in, supporting the whole system the right diet.
  • Include in the daily menu of porridge, made with water. This dish eat in the morning, when the body most needs carbohydrates.
  • To make rational food, add in the diet of fish, dairy products, green tea, garlic and eggs.
  • An important component of the correct power system should be meals with a high content of fiber.

Regime and daily diet

The proportions is the basis of healthy eating for weight loss. 50-60% should be carbohydrate food, fats should not go beyond 25 %, and proteins may not be less than 15 % in terms of daily food intake. With a proper diet for weight loss important mode. Eat at the same time daily, make a routine. Meals should average three to four a day with breaks for 4-5 hours. The same rule applies for children.

For a couple of hours before bedtime meal. Experts say that a fractional power is not only slimming, but also a healthy choice for longevity. Breakfast should include about 25% of all food consumed for the day, lunch is about 30-40%, afternoon snack – 15%, dinner – 20-25 % of the daily serving. This ratio perfectly supports the immune system and overall health, rational provides its energy. These rules should be the basis of daily menus.

How to combine products

An important principle of weight loss is a food combining diet. The intake of protein foods should not be accompanied by consumption of food containing starch (e.g., simultaneous use of meat and potatoes). Such protein products as fish, meat, eggs, milk, oats, peanuts, wheat, lentils, beans combined with vegetables and herbs (zucchini, onions, spinach, celery, cabbage, beans, beans).

Slimming products having starch, it is good to consume green vegetables. A salad with such components with the correct power system should not contain refills. Cabbage, pepper, radish, tomatoes combine well with starchy foods. To combine foods that contain starch – harmful to digestion. Bread with potatoes, for example, in the body are digested in different ways, making the process much slower. Eat these foods without the addition of other ingredients, carefully chewing.

Eat fruits as a replacement of meal or one hour before a meal. Snacks based on sweet products are extremely harmful for weight loss. The best fruits for our body are those that are ripe in season, and preferably in our region, so choose them correctly. The fruits that are ripe through the application of agrochemicals, are useless and sometimes even harmful to health.

menu PP

A weekly menu of balanced nutrition

To get used to a balanced diet easier, make the right a varied weekly menu and stick to it. Subsequently, the basics of healthy eating that supports the body will remain at the subconscious level. Eat according to the prepared scheme, but sometimes arrange fasting days, which help cleanse the body. Here is a sample menu balanced diet for weight loss:

  • Monday. For Breakfast eat baked with honey, nuts, Apple. Lunch make up: 200-300 grams of any light soup, 100 gr. vegetable salad, one fruit, a compote glass. Afternoon snack: 200 ml of yogurt. Products for dinner: 150 gr. rice or buckwheat, 100 grams. salad with mushrooms, cabbage, radish.
  • Tuesday. Breakfast: toast, 1 fruit, tea without sugar. Lunch: vegetable soup or cream soup, 200 gr. fruit salad, 1 whole wheat toast or biscuit. Afternoon snack: any fruit. Dinner: 100 gr. mashed potatoes, salad, vegetables or seafood, tea or juice.
  • Environment. Breakfast: scrambled eggs (1-2 eggs), 100 gr. vegetable salad, tea. Lunch: 200-300 gr. of chicken soup, light vegetable salad, a glass of jelly. Snack: 6-10 dried fruit. Dinner: 100 gr. baked potato, a slice of cheese and tea.
  • Thursday. Breakfast: no more than 100 grams. cottage cheese with raisins, dried apricots. Lunch: fish soup, slice of bread of whole wheat flour and tea. Snack: 1 boiled egg, 1 fruit. Dinner: 200 gr. baked vegetables with cheese, slice of bread or cheese, tea.
  • Friday. Breakfast: small portion of cereal filled with milk or kefir, tea. Lunch: 1 cutlet (chicken breast), vegetable dressing, vegetable salad, jelly. Snack: biscuit based on bran, tea. Dinner: 80 gr. cheese pie with fruit, a glass of juice.
  • Saturday. Breakfast: pancakes with honey, a Cup of yogurt. Lunch: mushroom soup, vegetable salad, coffee. Afternoon snack: Cup of yogurt with fruit, 1 banana. Dinner: 200 gr. baked lean fish, 200 ml of juice.
  • Sunday. Breakfast: 100 gr. oatmeal, cooked in water or milk, tea without sugar. Lunch: 200 gr. soup in meat broth, vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, 1 Cup of Apple juice. Snack: 1 any fruit, a glass of kefir or fermented baked. Dinner: 100 gr. boiled chicken, 100 gr. baked vegetables, compote or tea.

Recipes with photos

The establishment of the power system to get rid of excess weight is hard work. Often breakdown when losing weight happens because of not delicious food. To lose weight in PP no problem, use recipes diet meals, healthy and very appetizing. For example, prepare the cheesecake and make it taste better by adding apples, raisins, strawberries, dried fruit. In dietary casseroles no flour, starch, sugar, semolina.

For the preparation of low-calorie casseroles with cottage cheese and strawberries you will need: 200 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon of fructose, 2 beaten eggs, 3 tbsp of milled cereal, a pack of vanilla, zest of one lemon, 100 gr. frozen or fresh strawberries. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed in a blender, then put in a baking dish muffins, leave in the oven until it is cooked.

delicious tomorrow on PP

Interesting options for Breakfast

Liven up your nutrition for weight loss, and incorporating diet omelette – a delicious dish which can be cooked for Breakfast. Break the eggs, add pepper, garlic, salt and whisk the resulting mass with a mixer. Complete the dish with vegetables: 1 tomato and 1 bell pepper, wash and cut into. Mix eggs, pour on a heated frying pan and wait until the omelette is lightly set. Then the sliced vegetables put on top. Wait until ready.

For lunch

Lunch snack with the right diet for weight loss will not do without soup. Prepare tomato soup. To do it in advance: overnight soak 400 g. beans (red). Then cook it in chicken broth by adding 3 tbsp of tomato paste. The onion, a few cloves of garlic, 2 bell peppers transire in vegetable oil. Then cook all until tender. Add tomato juice (750 ml) and bring to a boil. Before serving, whisk in a blender.

For dinner

The right diet includes a light last meal. As a meal, prepare a salad with soy meat. It includes the following products: 1 package of soy meat, in advance presoaked, chopped 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tsp of vinegar and vegetable or olive oil for dressings. Blend everything, season with oil, add herbs for flavor. Importantly, the dish was delicious.