Protein diet menu for every day

Overweight – a condition faced by many people. There are many ways to get rid of excessive body weight. These include physical exercise, dietary Supplements and various food systems. Protein diet menu which consists of foods containing protein, allows get rid of fat and increase muscle mass.

protein diet

The essence and principle of the diet

There are many variants of techniques. In any of them there is protein foods with limited carbs and fats. Proteins is necessary for normal functioning of the body. Power system will be a great way to lose weight for people who can't live without meat. Earlier it was attributed to the mono-diet. However, due to developments nutritionists diet has become the most gentle method of weight normalization.

Right menu protein diet has positive qualities and allows you to lose weight in a short period of time. Important – eating foods that contain proteins. After all, they are necessary for normal metabolism. The body is not able to accumulate proteins in the body, so include them regularly in your food. The normal diet did not, so they always use. If this happens, the muscle mass decreases, because the internal organs out from her proteins for normal functioning. There is a depletion of the body, and the skin becomes flaccus.

If you follow this system of eating for weight loss within 14 days, the weight will not leave by reducing muscle and burning fat. Compliance is suitable for those people who are afraid to feel hunger. Anorexia with a diet can not occur, and the muscles do not atrophy. After the body losing weight is becoming slimmer and fitter.

For weight loss menu protein diet very effectively, and the mechanism of its influence on the body is completely studied and have been scientifically proven. The power supply system starts the following processes:

  • The body fats and carbohydrates are not available, and it has to spend its fat located on the thighs, stomach and buttocks. For women these places are the most problematic.
  • To digest protein, the body will need large amounts of energy, which will be complemented by burning subcutaneous fat.
  • Protein foods creates a heat production, which speeds up the metabolism.

If a person wants to lose weight, you protein diet will help to do that without harm for health. It is possible to select the duration of the power system and options for preferred dishes.

Features diet

The power supply system has some peculiarities, which must take into account all attenuante:

features of protein diet
  1. Proteins supply the body people who are always at work or doing sports. Such power may be suitable for women expecting a child. Simple menu protein diet is characterized by intake of meat, fish and dairy foods. The power supply system may be useful for people who want to lose weight without damage and stress to the body.
  2. The maximum amount of time dieters to 14 days. Such a period will allow you to normalize the weight without causing harm to the body. Results protein weight loss characterized by stable performance. For fastening of the received result it is necessary to gradually exit from the system power supply, eliminating greasy, fried and sugary foods.
  3. Repeat diet recommended no more than 6 months.
  4. Food that contains protein, requires dieters to comply with important recommendations. The excretory system while dieting aktiviziruyutsya that can cause complications. Therefore, at this time you need to observe a drinking mode and in sufficient quantity to consume carbonated water.
  5. The total number of calories from food should be about 1200-1400. The lack of them can lead to disruption of the functioning of internal organs and weaken the immune system.
  6. Menu protein diet for weight loss for the day gives you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of favorite foods (in small quantities) and allow you to maintain a stable weight.

In this system, the power, the hunger to experience constantly is not necessary, the diet is unlimited and diverse.

Recommended and forbidden foods

Menu protein diet for the day is diverse and includes a list of specific dishes that can be included in the diet at this time. Recommended products include:

  • Meat chicken and Turkey, beef and offal. For diet products you need to boil or simmer. Most commonly used chicken meat without the skin. It is well absorbed, and does not appear the issues with his cooking.
  • Lean fish. In its composition there is the right amount of protein and micronutrients that are important for the normal functioning of the body.
  • Cheese and dairy products. Casein, present in their composition, will require the body's effort to digest. In the result, it consumes a large amount of calories.
  • Buckwheat and oat porridge, bread (rye, black, whole grain).
  • Boiled eggs. They contained a protein refers to a highly digestible and nutritious food.
  • Vegetables, and includes minimum amount of starch (cucumbers, cabbage, celery).
  • Citrus (oranges, grapefruit), sour apples.
  • A can of tuna. There is a large amount of protein and minimal fat composition.

Special attention should be given to the bibens mode. You can include herbal teas, fresh juices from vegetables and fruits, purified water.

Making menu protein diet for a week, it is necessary to limit the content in food products, which easily turns into fat:

healthy foods on protein diet
  1. First of all you need to eliminate the sweet. Even fruit can ruin the result, not to mention cakes, cookies and pastries.
  2. Completely from the menu should be excluded fried, fatty food and pasta.
  3. Sodas, fruit drinks and juices are also not recommended to drink during the diet period.
  4. Vegetables, containing a lot of starch (potatoes, beans, peas).

The rejection of these products will allow to achieve tangible results in a short period of time.

Schedule diet

The power supply system should be conducted thus:

  • The menu for each day it is best to distribute in several doses (5-6). Fasting morning drink a glass of purified water. Last meal to exercise 3 hours before sleep.
  • Before lunch you can eat a small amount of cereal and whole wheat bread. You can eat fruits (apples, oranges).
  • Meals that contain protein include in diet after a meal in combination with raw vegetables or salads from them.

For weight loss menu protein diet it is important the right combination of dishes. This will allow you to achieve a positive result. The power supply system will deliver in 2 weeks 10 kg of excess weight. For this it is necessary to follow exactly all recommendations.

Diet for 7 days

System power for a week is structured in such a way that during its observance the person is not suffering from the feeling of hunger. Meals are easy to prepare. Menu protein diet for weight loss in a week include:

  • Breakfast. Cottage cheese (160 g), tea (green or herbal), half of an orange.
  • Lunch. Chicken breast (170 g) whole wheat bread.
  • An afternoon snack. A glass of nonfat yogurt.
  • Dinner. The steamed fish (200 g), vegetable salad (170 g).

All other days you must continue to eat this way. During the week menu protein diet Supplement with cheese, yogurt and boiled eggs. You should also alternate products, considering their caloric content.

The vegetables subjected to a light thermal training and prepare them stews and soups. You can use them during the day as snacks. It is best to consume vegetables that do not contain starch.

Such a diet can be used for a 14-day diet. In this case, it is possible to obtain the most effective option.

Diet menu for 10 days

Meals specified in the table attenuante independently distributed and alternated in time supply.

Recommended menu protein diet for 10 days given in the table below.

diet menu
Day Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
1 day Herbal tea unsweetened Chicken breast, braised cabbage, green apples Fat-free yogurt The steamed fish, salad
2nd day Herbal tea without sugar, bread whole wheat The ear that does not contain potato, coleslaw Fat-free yogurt, grapefruit Low-fat cottage cheese
3rd day Unsweetened tea Boiled beef, raw vegetables Yogurt, orange Beetroot and cabbage salad
4th day Green tea without sugar, crackers, rye bread Sauteed with vegetables lean fish Tofu, Apple Boiled eggs, grated carrots
5th day Organic coffee without sugar Boiled beef, cabbage and carrot salad Skim milk Low-fat cottage cheese
6th day Tea without sugar Beef broth, beet salad Yogurt, grapefruit Boiled chicken, tomatoes
7th day Tea, rye crackers Fish with vegetables, whole wheat bread Tofu, Apple Vegetable salad
8th day Organic coffee without sugar Boiled chicken fillet, croutons Kefir or fermented baked milk, citrus Carrot salad, boiled eggs
9th day Unsweetened beverage Ear without potatoes, raw vegetables Low-fat cheese Vegetable salad
10th day Tea without sugar Chicken without skin, salad made of tomatoes Apples Boiled lean fish

Menu protein diet for weight loss in 10 days is diversity. Portions you need to take moderate, not to overeat, and leave the table with a slight feeling of saturation.

Menu for 2 weeks

This is the most continuous feed system which gives effective stable result. 14-day compliance will not cause people any inconvenience and discomfort.

Recommendations for the protein diet (menu to 14 days):

menu protein diet
Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 day Unsweetened black coffee 2 hard-boiled eggs, stewed cabbage, a glass of tomato juice The fish is baked, grilled or steamed
2nd day Coffee without sugar, rye crackers Boiled fish, vegetable salad Boiled beef (250 g) Cup of yogurt
3rd day Coffee without sugar, rye crackers Fried zucchini, green apples 2 hard-boiled eggs, cabbage salad, boiled beef (200 g)
4th day Black coffee, no sugar Salad 3 boiled carrots, hard cheese (15 gr) The fruit or berries, except grapes and bananas
5th day Fresh grated carrots Fish boiled, baked or steamed, a glass of tomato juice The fruit or berries, except grapes and bananas
6th day Black coffee, no sugar Boiled chicken, salad with vegetables 2 boiled eggs, fresh grated carrots
7th day Unsweetened tea (green or herbal) Boiled veal or beef (250 g), fresh fruit Dinner one of the days, except the 3rd

Second week menu protein diet for 14 days suggests the same diet, that is, repeats the first 7 days.

Be sure to observe the drinking regime. You can drink green and herbal tea, water. Totally prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages, so as not to create load on the liver.

The first meal includes only the liquid in the form of tea or coffee. In the period of the meal should not overeat, better to stop it with a sense of light starvation.

contraindications to the diet


Any system of nutrition, including protein diet creates strain on the body. There is an acceleration of metabolism, toxins are burned fat, and the stomach has to adapt to new conditions and other foods.

The organs begin to work in emergency mode. If they were not all in order, can worsen chronic diseases, it is necessary to take this into account when switching to a new menu. Protein diet every day is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • diseases of the excretory system;
  • old age;
  • when pregnancy and lactation;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • pathology of the heart and blood vessels;
  • allergic to citrus;
  • pathology of the digestive tract;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • adolescence.

Any contraindication brake light for people who chose this diet. Only after the removal of contraindications you can lose weight on this diet.

Protein diet is an efficient food system that allows for a short time to normalize the weight and achieve harmony. Due to the variety of dishes dieters do not experience hunger and fatigue. Compliance with all the recommendations can improve the condition. Despite many positive qualities, the diet has individual contraindications that must be considered prior to its implementation.