Diet for a week

Diet a week for weight loss, is the most popular technique for fast weight reduction to minus 2, 4, 8, and 10 kg, because usually all I remember about her figure and the need to become more slender, usually the week before an upcoming event, or a holiday at sea. These dietary diets have two positive sides, providing a weekly diet of such high popularity, is a short time duration and the measure of results is very significant – it is minus 4 to 11 kg of excess weight per week and feel great.

diet for a week

A variety of diet diets for weight loss for the week is, as mono, and quite a rich dietary rations. To achieve high results without harm for health, it is only necessary to correctly choose the right diet, which will not require drastic changes in the traditional way of life impossible and volitional training. This review addresses the basic rules to achieve good results, the simplest weight loss diet for a week, the performance of which is directed to minus 10 kg for 7 days, as well as the important expert advice.

Terms and conditions the dietary regime for 7 days

Almost every effective diet for weight loss in 7 days is a certain level of restriction of food intake and its huge diversity. And, if you select a very quick week diet for weight loss for minus 8 kg, for implementing the plans weight loss, you must have good willpower, self-control and positive attitude.

Moreover, when any mode of weight loss for the week, you need to abide by the following terms for weight loss:

  • Psychological preparation of the body, consisting in the right mood of your body before making small adjustments in their way of life. It is recommended to consider diet for a week as the period, which will consist of only healthy and wholesome food, leading not only to weight loss minus 8-10 kg, but also to cleanse the body of harmful toxins.
  • The use of small tricks that can help to rebuild your body for less food consumption by replacing the standard dishes on the dishes of smaller volume, same goes for the Cutlery.
  • Drinking large amounts of water to maintain water balance in the body necessary for the softer process of weight loss.
  • It is recommended to exclude from the diet such foods as salt, sugar, fast foods, bakery products and spirits, which are the hated enemies of the human body.
  • To accelerate metabolism, you must follow a proper diet in which it is better to eat more often but in smaller quantities.
  • When you choose a certain diet, you need to respect the diet and to eat only those foods provided in this diet.
  • For the most effective weight loss Supplement, you must their activity for a variety of physical activities, fitness, swimming, or a simple gymnastic exercises.

At full readiness of complying with the above rules, you can start exploring the most popular diets for effective weight loss.

diet favorite

Diet "Favorite"

The meaning of the diet is adherence to a fairly strict diet aimed at eliminating excess weight to minus 10 kg. it is Necessary to exclude consumption of sugar, salt and fried foods.

Weekly menu:

  • Monday: throughout the day only liquid (tea, milk, yogurt, juice);
  • Tuesday: only vegetables, especially cabbage;
  • Wednesday: again, only the use of liquid, with primary emphasis on sour milk products;
  • Thursday: only fruit — oranges, apples, kiwi, grapefruit, pear.
  • Friday: special day when you can get enough protein (lean meat, fish, cheese, eggs and hard cheese);
  • Saturday: only liquid in the form of juice, teas, fruit drinks, or fat-free yogurt;
  • Sunday: the diet should be balanced to diet. Breakfast: egg, green tea and fruit. Lunch: soup with rice or buckwheat on water and fruit. Dinner: vegetable salad.

If the regime of this diet is not recomended and can not afford to eat something tasty, then a week, you can get to minus 10 lbs. of excess fat.

Diet yogurt

This program is a good relief for the body, especially after these festive days like new year or birthday. The staple food is the lower the interest the yogurt, which you must drink daily and a half liters. The great advantage of diet is the ability to use additional food.

Distributed by days:

  • Monday: boiled potatoes up to 5 PCs.;
  • Tuesday: 100 gr. chicken breast;
  • Environment: 100 gr. beef;
  • Thursday: 100 gr. fish;
  • Friday: fresh vegetable, or fruit crops;
  • Saturday: the lower the interest yogurt;
  • Sunday: clean water.

This diet helps to normalize the natural processes in the digestive tract and helps to lose weight minus 10kg. Out of the diet should gradually. It is important to know that between meals should not take more than 180 minutes, if after this period of time there is no hunger, you just need to drink 200 ml water.

Diet medicine

diet medicine

Is very effective with good results. Diet the first and third days should only consist of water. The second to drink milk. These 3 days may seem too severe with such manifestations as:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • a feeling of weakness.

With the onset of the fourth day, you need to use less liquid, replacing it with vegetables. But, on the fifth day, you must drink again milk. The last two days to prepare the body for diet. On the sixth day: Breakfast – egg and tea lunch – lean meat, dinner – apples. On the seventh day: lunch – cottage cheese with yogurt and dinner – tea. This diet is very effective, with its help you can lose weight minus 10 kg.

Diet on buckwheat

It's pretty easy and effective weight loss program, which consists in the use of buckwheat, which need to pour boiling water the night before. The proportions of buckwheat and water can be matched to your preferences. Cereals is necessary to fill only ferventis water, cover with a tight lid, and in the morning you are ready to eat.

During the diet allowed:

  • chicken broth;
  • fresh vegetable crops;
  • a large amount of liquid;
  • lean beef and fish.

Tea during the diet is better to drink without adding sugar. Than a stricter adherence to the buckwheat diet, the more pounds will go in minus.

Note: if you have Allergy symptoms caused buckwheat, consumption of buckwheat must be stopped and switch to a different diet, or change program for weight loss

Diet Onion

This program for a week, is a low-calorie and effective. The meaning of the diet is daily use of onion soups. Because onion is a natural component that is actively burning fat cells. Plus, this diet does not require a Grand investment.

A soup is prepared from the following set of products:

  • onions – 6 heads;
  • celery – 1 bunch;
  • cabbage – 1 PC.;
  • tomato – 2 PCs.;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 2 PCs.
diet onion soup

Cooking process: chop the vegetables, pour water and put on medium heat. Once the soup comes to a boil, cook it for another 10 minutes without salt and other spices, then reduce the heat and bring to full readiness. The diet of the diet you can vary the fresh fruit and vegetable cultures, as well as unlimited use of water. The effect of the diet is aimed at a minus 7-10 kg.

Diet Vegetarian

This is very useful diet that helps to lose weight and for detoxification. For vegetarian mode of dietary food system of the digestive tract will get a good rest, and overall health will be more than satisfactory. A vegetarian diet implies the implementation of simple rules as follows:

  • the exclusion of all food of animal origin;
  • minimal use of products with vegetable fats;
  • the basis of the diet should include cereals, vegetables, fruit culture and fruit.
  • eat moderate amounts of dry wines.

Menu you can make to your taste and color, the main thing that it corresponded to the above rules. A vegetarian diet is a simple diet gentle mode with slow weight loss to a minus of 2-3 kg. per week.

Valuable expert advice

Weight loss is a very complex, time-consuming, but at the same time and healthy human body process. Approach to weight loss must be very serious and very careful, excluding causing any harm to your health and General well-being.

Learn the principles of proper weight loss, the following tips will help from experienced professionals – nutritionists:

  • eat often but in small portions;
  • snacks should be regular and consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • of sweets allowed tile of black chocolate or a spoon of natural honey;
  • drink plenty of liquids, at least 2.5 liters per day;
  • it is recommended to abstain from taking alcoholic beverages and abuse;
  • needs to have a healthy sleep at least 7 hours a day;
  • required physical activity.

And for maximum results, the necessary positive attitude.

Results diet

results diet

Many women and girls who are already faced with a weekly diet, basically leave only positive feedback. Someone managed to lose a minus 3 pounds, and someone dropped to minus 8.

Note: remember that the Express diet, to aggressive weight reduction in large number in a short time, faces the return of former pounds in a double volume, as well as the emergence of health problems.

In addition, many developed dietary diets contain those elements of power that some individuals are contraindicated. Therefore, before using any diet diet for weight loss, you need to consult with experts. Diet diets aimed at weight loss will surely help to get a slim figure and femininity. But, the best result will be proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which any diet is not needed. And all the natural processes of the body's metabolism will improve by eating only healthy food and active life.