Buckwheat diet

Hard, but quite effective buckwheat diet is one of the most popular methods of weight loss. The main advantage is excellent performance, according to dieters just 1-2 weeks of the diet you can lose up to 7-10 kg. And that success is not a myth but a reality, most importantly, tune in to result and to fulfill all the rules of the diet.

the benefits of buckwheat

How useful is the miracle fruit of buckwheat for a person?

Buckwheat has the most easy laevis proteins (16%) including essential amino acids — arginine and lysine, carbohydrates (30%) and fats (3%). As for minerals, the buckwheat is just full of vitamins B and PP, cobalt and Nickel, iodine, boron and zinc, and copper and phosphorus, calcium and iron. And also: fiber and various acids, so diet for weight loss will give your body to suffer from lack of some nutrients.

How did the buckwheat diet?

Buckwheat diet for weight loss has its progenitor. It is the same buckwheat fasting day, which is often applied once a week, Housewives and business ladies, whose recipe you can use now:

Fasting diet: a few vapor 700-800 grams of buckwheat, divide into 6 receptions and eat in a day.

  • If an empty buckwheat is "boring", you can add a spoonful of honey or 1 onion fried in oil.
  • Water and green tea without sugar can be drunk without restrictions.
  • The last meal no later than 19 hours.

This offloading will help to lose a few pounds and waist will become smaller, the body get rid of excess salts and excess moisture.

Buckwheat diet — the essence and use

Modern nutritionists have tried and came up with a mono-diet based on buckwheat, rich in calories (100 grams — 313 kcal), but low in fat. Dietary fiber and carbohydrates with the concomitant elements also have a devastating effect on our body fat and remove fats and carcinogens from the body.

The essence of the diet in the rapid breakdown of fats inside the body and getting blood fast carbohydrates in the porridge, but in small quantities. A beneficial the gastro-intestinal tract and rapid weight loss provides diet on the buckwheat, and nourishes the body not previously studied macro and micro elements and their 19, as well as the above-mentioned valuable substances. Results buckwheat diet7-10 lbs. in 14 days and 3-5 kg for 7 days.

buckwheat diet for weight loss

If you need to lose a large number of pounds, then of course it is better to choose a mild diet, but if you want some "correct" figure after childbirth or holidays, just vegetable diet will help you to lose treasured pounds.

Diet on buckwheat strengthens the muscles, tendons, connective tissue, beneficial to the skin, hair and nails, but most importantly — eliminates subcutaneous fat. In all this the benefits of a diet. And diet is useful because the lack of salt enhances the subtle taste and smell, and the lack of sugar reduces cravings for sweets, which is so important when wanting to lose weight or to get rid of obesity. Beauticians called the buckwheat diet recipe of youth and beauty.

You can't stick to a diet:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • diabetics, hypertensive and hypotensive patients;
  • people in deep depression;
  • diseases of the kidneys, heart, blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract;
  • after suffering on the organs of abdominal cavity surgical operations

As a mono diet on the buckwheat has its contraindications, therefore before its application it is necessary to consult a doctor or diet control.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss— the basic rules

Because the buckwheat diet hard, you will have to use only this cereal for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How to cook buckwheat: vapor two cups of boiling water 1 Cup of buckwheat and insist under a cover over night or at least 4 hours.

Pre-buckwheat should be cleaned.

Rules diet:

  1. The diet — buckwheat, can be eaten without additives, oil, sauce, salt and especially sugar!
  2. Don't forget about water — 1.5 - 2 liters per day of water, plain or mineral
  3. You can drink tea or coffee (total volume of liquid should not exceed 3 liters per day).
  4. You can eat fruits, but not more than 2 pieces a day, except bananas.
  5. If the feeling of hunger never leaves, you can drink half a glass of kefir or yogurt, diluted with mineral water before bed.
  6. Last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  7. Alcohol is completely excluded from the diet.
  8. During the diet and after it is better to take a multivitamin.
  9. On a diet you can sit for no more than 14 days.

Want to continue to get rid of unnecessary ballast, continue 1-2 weeks diet only after 1-2 months.

buckwheat diet menu

Buckwheat diet for a week (7 days) detailed menu:

For diet will need 1-1,5 cups of buckwheat and 3-4 cups of boiling water. vapor buckwheat overnight, without sugar and salt. Every evening preparing a batch of buckwheat the next day.

The menu for the day:

Meal What to eat
In the morning On an empty stomach 30 minutes before Breakfast, drink slow SIPS 1 glass of boiled water at room temperature.
Breakfast Eat 1/3 brewed oatmeal. You can drink tea, tomato juice, pumpkin juice or carrots. All without salt and sugar.
Lunch 1/3 buckwheat
Dinner 1/3 buckwheat

Between meals you can drink tea or above the juices. Better if you have the opportunity to do the juices yourself, as in store-bought juices lots of sugar.

In the first few days of the diet will be difficult enough without the sweet, so allow nutritionists to satisfy your stomach 1-2 apples that will fill the body with carbohydrates and pectin, provided drinking unsweetened varieties. Keep this buckwheat diet you need 7 days and the results will please You.

Buckwheat diet for 7 days (week) — therapeutic option:

This version of the diet most likely has a therapeutic effect and is aimed at cleansing the body. Although it will get rid of 3-4 kg. excess weight, but the weight reduction in this variant diet rather an additional effect. Prepare the buckwheat is already known to us method — vapor.

Meal What to eat
Breakfast buckwheat (without seasonings), 1/2 Cup of yogurt or kefir (or 1/2 non-fat cheese ), a few slices of cheese
Lunch Fresh salad of cabbage and cucumber, 100 gr. Chicken (boiled or steamed)
Afternoon tea 1 any fruit (except bananas), yogurt / yogurt — 125 gr.
Dinner Portion of buckwheat with fresh vegetables.

If you decided to sit on the buckwheat diet, it is a great way to keep your body will be a useful infusions and teas:

buckwheat and infusions for weight loss

  • Tea, stimulates circulation: crushed rose hips, crispus parsley (seeds), bearberry (2:1:1). Put custard in the pot for 1-2 h. L. collection and pour boiling water (300 ml). 30 minutes before eating porridge drink 1 Cup of tea 1-2 times a day.
  • Tea with vitamins: slices of lemon or lime to warm up, add the tarragon or lemon balm, mashed in a mortar, and zaparivajut boiling water (2 l). Give a little brew and drink during the day.
  • Tea from constipation: when you add the buckthorn bark or Senna to vitaminized tea consumption of 1 Cup twice a day can help to remove the tissue from the gut "fecal stones".

Buckwheat diet for 3 days:

Buckwheat diet for 3 days is actually a milder version of the 7 day diet. This mini diet is tolerated better and is more of a cleansing effect for the body, this will allow you simultaneously to lose 2-3 kg.

Rules 3 day diet is similar to other diets on buckwheat:

  • Buckwheat can be eaten without restriction, prepare it in advance, pouring the boiling water in the evening.
  • Every day drink water — at least 1 liter.
  • Pre-cooked buckwheat divide into three meals and eat it during the day ( supper not later than 4 hours before bedtime).
  • If you find it hard to sit on one buckwheat, in the diet can add to 1 liter of low-fat yogurt.
  • If hunger overcomes much, to not throw — it is better to eat 1-2 Apple or an orange, or you can replace the dried fruit (not more than 5 PCs).
  • Between meals you can drink green tea or coffee. All drink without sugar!

Disadvantages diet and reviews

  1. The buckwheat has the ability to remove the excess water when cleaning the body, which dehydrates him, and no salt is fraught with weakness and headache, especially in the summer. This can interfere with sporting activities, which are necessary to strengthen the muscles and tendons in sharp weight loss. Therefore do not neglect the advice about drinking plenty of fluids and tea (2-2,5 liters a day).
  2. In addition, because diet is not balanced and is quite poor in terms of diet, according to dieters often weakness and irritability.
  3. For reviews losing weight, considerable discomfort delivers the monotony of the diet.
  4. Due to the lack of glucose there is irritability and fatigue, but from lack of salt for reviews you may have headaches and starts to ride the pressure.
  5. As the diet gives quick results, return to the same diet can bring back the dropped weight very quickly, so you need to comply with the rules of the diet.

Despite these shortcomings, attenuante note the cheapness of the diet and its availability, ease of use, as all the rules of the diet are simple and clear. Also, the method allows to cleanse the body and even to solve some problems with the skin.

Tip: if during the diet You start to overcome the fatigue — drink a glass of water to dilute it 1 teaspoon of honey!

diet output

How to get out of buckwheat diet

Lovers diet should not forget that not only the body but the stomach loses weight with it, and reduces its size. Therefore, the feasts of the abdomen with fatty and sweet foods are canceled! To get out of the diet gradually, you need to diversify your menu so modest products:

  • Breakfast — slice of wholemeal bread, lean cheese, egg (in 100 kcal).
  • Lunch — vegetable soup or lean fish (meat — 100 gr.) with vegetables (steamed or boiled).
  • For dinner — a favorite buckwheat.

Diet helps to reduce the volume of your stomach, so after a diet is to go on frequent and smaller meals, such as 4-5 times a day, no more than 1 Cup.

Between the main food is fruit, berries (not sweet), water, and teas has not been canceled. Gradually add chicken breast in the food must not contain starch, fat, including vegetable. You can add to salads not more than 1 tsp vegetable oil, preferably in a mixture with lemon or cranberry juice. In porridge, you can add yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, or a spoonful of lowfat sour cream.