Keto diet: diet foods and menus recipes description

What is keto diet? The diet that shows great results. Today we will learn what products are, what is menu, basic recipes and a description of the keto diet. Go!

keto diet

Hi, friends! Looking for a way to change your appearance for the better, you should use a scientific approach. Keto diet is the complete elimination of carbohydrates from the diet. How does it work? Detailed information will allow us to make the right decision without harm to their health.

Keto diet – the basic rules

To run the processes in the body, should adhere to the simple recommendations. So:

  • To reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet to a minimum. Allowed to consume not more than 50 grams (approximately 20 grams of a pure substance).
  • To cut back on protein intake. Perfect proportion for this method is 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% of fresh vegetables. You should care about the intake of food with high fat content, because it is the main source of energy.
  • You need to drink water in large quantity. During ketosis in the body accumulates acetone. To neutralize the negative impact, you need to drink approx 3-4 liters of water without gas per day.
  • Exercise. The diet should be accompanied with light workouts that last no more than 30 minutes.
  • No snacking! This will leads to increased insulin in the blood, which is unacceptable when keto diet.

Duration of the diet can last from one week to one month. Beginners are recommended to use simple variations, so as not to overload your body. The main rule – a gradual exit from the diet. Otherwise, the weight will quickly come back, there will be problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Keto diet – the build menu

keto diet menu

Daily diet should include a moderate amount of carbohydrates, not more than 15 g per serving. To completely eliminate the substance from food is impossible. Example menu for a week for women and men:

  • Breakfast. Morning meal should be light, the amount of carbohydrates is not more than 15 g. to Obtain the necessary amount can be using cheese products, or fresh vegetables. Breakfast is scrambled eggs, fresh vegetable salad, green tea without sugar.
  • Lunch. Minimal amount of carbohydrates does not exceed 5 g. you can prepare cheese with your favorite berries and nuts. It is also possible to prepare two boiled eggs with baked fish and salad vegetables.
  • Lunch. The stomach will healthy soups without the addition of potatoes or pasta. The first dish perfect meat-balls, baked toast with cheese.
  • Dinner. Approximately 70% of all the food you need to eat in the morning. Therefore, dinner should be light, composed of meat with vegetables. The fish is cooked in the oven with vegetable salad with olive oil is ideal for the last meal. Remember that dinner should occur two hours before bedtime.

You can decide what will be the menu. You will need a special table or calculator that will tell you the caloric content of a product. Based on these numbers you can easily build your menu by following the main rules of the diet.

What is keto diet and ketose?

Stable operation of all internal body systems possible thanks to a balanced intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Diet is based on reducing the number of substances in food to a minimum. The carbohydrates act as recharge the body's energy, easily digested, metabolized in the intestines. By reducing their number, the following processes:

  1. In the first few minutes and tens of minutes your body continues to fuel you using the glycogen stores in the muscle depot.
  1. On the body in the search for more energy gets to the glycogen stores, which are located in the liver.
  1. You don't have enough energy and processing out of the amino acids (protein) in all structures of the body.
  1. After about a week the process of energy production stabiliziruemost due to the oxidation of subcutaneous fat (ketosis). Ketones are the result of adaptation of the body to the lack of carbohydrates.
keto diet types

Keto-diet – variety

Different types of diet used to achieve different purposes. A state of ketosis is effectively used like a set of muscle mass, and that to lose those extra pounds. Beginners are recommended to start with a standard, simplified view.


First and foremost, you should know the daily rate of calorie intake. The principle of the dietary is simple:

  • for muscle mass calculated daily intake of calories and add 600 Kcal;
  • for weight loss subtract 600 calories;

Unlike other types of nutrients will remain the same, but the level of carbohydrates is very low.