Diet for quick weight loss

If you just need to lose a few extra pounds to help diet for quick weight loss. Fast diet – a low-calorie eating principle, in which very few proteins, minerals and dietary fiber. Please note: as a rule, the weight tends to return, especially if you do not change your lifestyle.

diet for weight loss

How do diet for quick weight loss

All tissues and organs of our body have their weight – bones, internal organs, muscles, fat, blood, water, the intestinal contents. Thus, what you see on the scale, represents the sum of all of the above. Weight loss and fat loss are not one and the same. You lose weight after each trip to the toilet, but to deliberately burn fat, you must create favourable conditions through exercise and nutrition, and then a long time to observe this mode.

When talking about fast diet, mean weight loss, not fat loss. Short-term diet due to a sharp restriction of calories upsets you muscle glycogen, and since glycogen binds water, then with it you are losing fluid. The arrow on the scale is creeping down rapidly, but it is necessary to eat proper food, as glycogen stores implevit and the lost weight will return.

When the hard diet can help

There are several situations when you need urgently to lose a few pounds:

  • Preparing for an important event, holiday, date, photoshoot, etc.;
  • Hospitalized or preparing for surgery – often in such cases, an urgent need to lose weight;
  • Recovery from illness or poisoning – popular diets are not suitable as the doctors give restrictions, but they are quite hard;
  • A boost to healthy diet – a restrictive diet can stimulate further weight loss. First, most people crave fast results, so quick weight loss will be good motivation. Secondly, there are strong limitations in the products that will help safer to perceive few limitations in case of moderate power. However, this shock method is not for everyone. First you need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications.

Contraindications to rigid diet

All short-term diets inaequalis in their composition, they can both cause and exacerbate psychological and physiological demands.

Diet for quick weight loss strictly contraindicated:

  • Pregnant or nursing;
  • Suffering from diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • People with hormonal disorders and autoimmune diseases;
  • Persons suffering from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders;
  • Anxious, neurotic, unstable to stress personalities.

Popular diets for quick weight loss

Mostly effective short-term diet is a tough diet, it is recommended to observe only a few days because more prolonged use is a huge blow to the body. Let's look at the most popular ones.

Watermelon diet (5 days a minus of 5 kg)

Menu: Breakfast – savory oatmeal (or other cereal), a little cheese; for dinner a piece of fish, meat or poultry and vegetable salad without dressings, vegetables can be boiled or put out; for dinner – watermelon (for every 30 kg of weight is 1 kilogram of watermelon).

A vegetarian diet (3 days minus 3 kg)

The 1st and 3rd days of the diet include meals only vegetables, on the 2nd day to eat only fruits.

Menu vegetable of the day: Breakfast – 4 baked tomatoes, vegetable juice, coffee or tea with lemon lunch – salad of cucumbers with green onions or green salad + coffee or tea with lemon; dinner-boiled or steamed vegetables (cabbage, spinach, a little lemon juice) + lemon tea.

Menu fruit day: Breakfast fruit salad of Apple, orange, grapefruit + coffee or tea with lemon lunch – half a melon, and a salad from the Breakfast menu; dinner menu lunch.

Apple diet (7 days minus 5-6 kg)

During the Apple diet you can drink infusions of various herbs, you can also drink green tea without sugar. In addition to apples, are allowed to eat a little black bread in day 3-5 pieces (better than breadcrumbs). This option is the Apple diet is quite severe, but effective.

"Jockey" diet (for 3 days minus 3-5 kg)

Diet will suit those who want to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

jockey diet

Diet menu:

  • 1 day – 1 chicken baked without salt. The skins for food use is not permitted. The chicken should be divided into 3 meals.
  • Day 2 – 300 grams of veal, which is cooked without salt, eaten for 3 meals.
  • Day 3 – drink – 4-5 servings of organic coffee without sugar and milk.

This is one of the fastest and most effective diets. During this period you may feel dizziness and weakness.

Buckwheat diet (7 days minus 3-4 kg)

For diet you need: buckwheat, fruit, 1% yogurt, no fat yogurt, multivitamins.

A glass of grits in the evening pour 2 cups of boiled water. In the morning the remaining water must be drained. Buckwheat can eat as much as you like, salt must be at a minimum.

Diet rules:

  • cereal is with yogurt (1 liter divided by the day);
  • water to drink at will, ordinary or mineral (on day 2, l);
  • you can drink tea or coffee (total amount of liquid should not exceed 3 liters per day);
  • the fruit can be no more than 2 pieces per day;
  • 5 hours before going to bed should not eat, if the hunger is relentless, before bedtime can drink a glass of yogurt, diluted with mineral water;
  • you can eat up to 150 g of yogurt per day;
  • alcohol is to be deleted;
  • in the period of the diet and after to take multivitamins at least 1 month;
  • if you follow this diet for 2 weeks, body needs rest to avoid habituation;
  • to consolidate the results to repeat the diet after 2 weeks.

Milk diet (3 days minus 3 kg)

milk diet

This is one of the most difficult mono-diet, as you won't eat anything – only drink one milk. If you never loved him, it is better to choose another method of weight loss.

Milk diet prescribes a day to drink 1 liter of milk, and all. You divide it so that every 3-4 hours throughout the day drink 1 glass. If you take a 4-hour interval, it turns out 4 admission. This diet is definitely not suitable for those whose work requires a lot of energy.

Please note that given our diets are quite hard, this applies in particular to the mono-diet. In connection with this circumstance strongly encourage you to carefully read their description and consult your doctor. We also advise you to stop the diet in case you feel unwell.