Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

You have 5 power physical exercises for slimming the abdomen and the same for the sides, essential for their implementation are the shells: dumbbell and disc. We announced a number of tips (rules, recommendations) on correct training using free weights.

slimming abdomen and sides

For your convenience, there are exercise videos for weight loss belly and sides – it will allow you to assess your own strength and accuracy of movements will give the impulse for change! Ready to get started?

Our first and main advice in the work to improve the contours of the body – do not be afraid of dumbbells, discs, rods! These helpful shells are called "free weights", performing with them exercise for weight loss belly and sides, you incitare most effective fat burning and muscle gains. Not enough to overcome the "loose weight", it is also necessary to stabilize is to stop at a certain point. This fixed trajectory of movement actively engages most of the muscle groups, straining even the "hard" fibers.

Power physical exercises for weight loss belly and sides – from local impact to big!

  • During strength training exercise for weight loss belly and sides, aimed at the correction of the sides and belly are involved in the working process not only the abdominals all of its components. They use to attack the entire "core", starting from the arms and back, ending at the buttocks and thighs.
  • The advantage of such studies is by far, the muscles become elastic and strong. You will save yourself from unpleasant stomach and sagging skin in the waist area.

The application of each element of the free weight requires a gradual habits, do not seek to artificially and jerk to increase the load. Instructor's guide for beginners is an important factor. He will choose the optimal power program, diluted aerobic activity and exercise machines.

Let's move on to explore effective systems for repairing the abdomen and back. To implement you will need:

  • Two dumbbells (3 lbs for beginners and a maximum of 5 kg for sports trained people);
  • One disk (the pancake from the rod);
  • Bench (if available);
  • Comfortable clothing;
  • The desire for results and positive!

Don't neglect the warm-up (running, jumping, all the known motions from a gymnastic charge). So you protect your own body from the negative and painful sprains of muscles and ligaments.


TOP 10 best exercises for slimming the abdomen and back with free weights

Important! The effect is not excessive – performing exercises for slimming the abdomen and back (photo will help beginners), don't overdo it. For each item, enough for 10-15 repetitions. We have divided the complex into two "five": the first covers the side and the oblique muscles (the waist), the second the abdominal, upper and lower part of the abdomen (stomach). Start...

Remove, align, reinforce the flanks

Exercise 1.

  • Position – standing, feet parallel, arms extended perpendicular to the body, both sides hold a dumbbell;
  • One leg extended forward in a deep lunge, knees of both legs bent;
  • Hands go to the side in front of standing leg, spinning the body in the zone;
  • Return to the first position;
  • Alternis exercise with different feet.

Exercise 2.

  • The right hand grips the dumbbell allocated along the body, left hand on the nape;
  • Position on the foot stable, the pelvis during the execution of stationary;
  • Exhale, the body slowly tilted to the right, the dumbbell slides down the thigh to the knee (if possible, below);
  • On the inhale, the body is rectified;
  • After 10-15 repetitions, move to the left hand.

Exercise 3.

This job for weight loss the sides the same as above, only the tilting occurs in the direction of the bent elbow behind the head.

Note for 2 and 3 exercises:

  • Don't chase after deep slope – the top of the case is strictly in-side, no obstruction ahead.
  • Don't onus the hands of two dumbbell – like contrast to be the undoing of your efforts will be fruitless.
  • "Listen to" their muscles, their tension – pick the best rate.

Exercise 4.

exercises for the waist
  • In each hand a dumbbell, a support in the floor for them, is a pose called "rest position" (for beginners valid original position when released knees on the floor);
  • Libro through his right hand from the floor up the trajectory of a semicircle, bending the elbow behind the back;
  • Return to the source;
  • Same with the other hand.

Exercise 5.

  • Pose "star" on the legs (feet parallel, wide apart, hands with dumbbells in hand);
  • Housing is deflected exactly to the right side, right hand goes on the plane upward, the left plays out for a spin along the back and buttocks;
  • Through a full circle hands change position.

You have a press! He demands to free him from the fat!

Exercise 6.

The impact on the abdominal muscles better to start with this simple, but clearly effective job:

  • Straight position on the floor (lying down) or on a bench, a stool (sitting with straight legs);
  • Foot should be fixed under any focusing;
  • The brushes are clamped two dumbbells or one disk (5 kg) allotted to the back, pressed;
  • Exhaling, bend the body (top to toe);
  • On the inhale, the body straightens;
  • Want to engage the oblique muscles during lifting add torso twists.

If the movements are difficult, take a smaller weight, or use weight!

Exercise 7.

lower abs

To strengthen the lower part of the press without lifting the legs impossible. First try not to "burden" yourself with free weights, if the exercise is too easy, clip on feet special weights. Start:

  • Back and legs lie on the bench (floor);
  • With a sigh, one (in this case, working alternately) or both legs in a straight position rise up;
  • On the exhale released.

For beginners, simultaneous option is preferable.

Exercise 8.

In the press, oblique muscles are worked out only through complex power movements. Serialization the following:

  • Between slightly bent knees clamped disc (1-3 kg);
  • Back pressed to the floor, hands widely spaced elbows gently holding the head;
  • Legs perpendicular to the floor;
  • To move to the original position of this effective exercises for the abs you need low to pull the shoulders and head from the surface;
  • Further, the left shoulder starts to reach for at the same time approaching to face knees;
  • Also, when you return to the source, repeat right shoulder.

Note: for performance tactics of repetition in this task changes – 3 sets of 10 times (5 for each arm).

Exercise 9.

The penultimate stage of the complex will be an interesting job – "Russian twist". It has positive impact on the reduction of the volume of the stomach, and the alignment of the relief sides:

  • Led on the floor with legs with a 90-degree angle at the knees, a raised – foot surface do not touch;
  • Back for all approaches video (not superbia and don't deflect!);
  • Hand squeeze one dumbbell;
  • Are alternate twisting your body to the right and to the left (it is important not to let go of the foot, as it may be difficult);
  • All you need to do 16 turns in each of the two approaches.

Exercise 10.

Now you have to perform the pose "plate", but with weights. As free weight will be the disk (3-5 kg). Why "bar"? Because externally, the pose is very similar to a straight line – the form body and feet in push-up position, only his hands this time rely on the forearm (from the elbow to the Lado pondus disk in lower back). The stages of execution are:

plank with weights
  • You want to place (make it yourself out of position on the abdomen, or ask your assistant).
  • Then "exit" in the initial position is "bar".
  • Hold it in for 30 seconds.
  • To fall belly and chest on the surface, rest 30 seconds.
  • The number of variative approaches: from 3 to 6.

10 exercise allows you to achieve stunning visual results within a short period, muscle mass increases and body fat melt away!

The effectiveness of exercise for weight loss belly and sides enhance video with professional instructors!

Combine aerobic and strength exercises for slimming the abdomen and back (a video of such sessions can be found for any level of training, both for beginners and for people a long time visiting the gym). It is a combination of the full effect on the body, improving its internal (cardiovascular and muscular system) and external condition.

Each time, completing the round of 10 of the best exercises that strengthen the abdomen and sides, consider the rules:

  • Don't leave room in the fitness center (room home) – training needs crispi.
  • Stretching the muscles will take a little time (15-20 minutes), and the benefits from it are huge – you increase range of motion, thereby improving the quality of training, lengthen the working muscles;
  • Use to be tilt (without free-weights), deflections... Very good for stretching asanas of yoga.

Recall again that the desire directly to more weight pondus shells detrimental to your health and progress if your goal is reducing the volume of the figure. Your body is ready to give you what you want without these unnecessary efforts.

For weight loss enough to perform the complex three times a week!

regular exercise

Someone ask why so often?

The answer is simple: restoration press is much faster the same chest muscles. Latest clips and raise the effect for 5-7 days. Press through the night after again training fully prepared – he had a rest, "eius cados".

We wish you activity, let your desire for a beautiful body is not extinguished. The figure of a man through muscle is able to transform, and only your efforts can give them the right impetus!