Weight loss according to blood group — the right diet

Marked the beginning of a diet food for blood groups Americans James and Peter d'adamo, based purely on medical research, and encouraging to listen to the call of his nature.

This diet is not tied to a restrictive diet according to blood group for weight loss is not a one-day event, but a systematic approach to food choices throughout life.

Diet is not a temporary love relationship with you. Want result make diet partner for life in the choice of products.

The methodology is based on the theory of innate predisposition to certain products formed in the process of evolution. And time does not stand still!

Essentia pondus damnum, accipiens in proprietates propter sanguinem

If you were confident in the existence of 4 groups of blood, then today allocated two groups, which was suspected 10 years ago. This is another fact in favor of continuous development of the human body and the influence of environmental factors on this process (including environmental and chemotherapeutic).

We consider the classic four groups, as they prevail in the post-Soviet expanse and diet for weight loss designed just for them.

The essence of weight loss is based on the properties of blood

Anti genic properties of red blood cells that determine blood type, formed historically and identified immune and digestive characteristics of the organism, its adaptive properties.

The concept of the power comes from the fission products in useful, neutral and harmful in regards to the impact on the quality and speed of metabolism.

Useful products can be consumed in maximum amount, they will bring the greatest benefit and absorbed by the body better.

Neutral foods neutral will have a corresponding effect on our health and their proportion in the diet should be minimal. Harmful products will not provide any benefit and, moreover, are harmful to the body, they do not learn, and will be defined in the form of fat deposits.

Food directly affects the rate of metabolism, strengthening of immune system and its ability to resist viruses and pathogenic microorganisms, on the emotional state and energy.

This diet is able to get rid of allergic reactions to certain foods (don't be surprised if you find the lists of those junk foods that cause you allergies).

1 coetibus

Why gain weight

Have you noticed that your friends, regularly eating dairy products, fine feel and can't live without them, and you do not feel such passion no interest and can easily gain weight from the same homemade cheese?

For starters let's look at the list of what is excluded from your product list and what is allowed in small quantities.

The "hunters" group 1 exclude from the diet:
  • cereals, namely, corn, barley, rye, oats, wheat and oats;
  • legumes: all types of beans, lentils, peas;
  • all kinds of cabbage;
  • fat dairy products including butter, cream, cheese.

Limited added to the diet of low-fat dairy products, potatoes and flour products, exotic fruits and berries. Alcohol, corn and peanut oil in very small quantities are allowed for consumption.

"Farmers" from the 2nd group of blood is not eating:
  • all kinds of meat products;
  • dairy products;
  • beans and wheat.

The ability to limit intake of bakery products, starch containing foods (especially potatoes), fatty sauces and dressings.

"Nomads" 3 blood group exclude:
  • nuts (peanuts not to consume completely);
  • corn, buckwheat and lentils;
  • alcohol.

A moderate amount of permitted seafood and meat, peanut oil and corn oil, tomatoes, whole wheat and rye bread.

People-mysteries of the fourth group of blood is not eating:
  • meat (except lamb and rabbit);
  • legumes, in particular all kinds of bean;
  • grain: wheat, buckwheat, corn;
  • the exotic fruit.

Partially added "puzzles" in the diet of mushrooms, fatty fish, and olive oil in very small doses, nuts and seeds.

Make a healthy menu for weight loss

Below is a look at the list of foods for each group, using which you with your eyes closed to make purchases and to prioritize.

A few tips pro aliquo victu

I group

"Meat eaters", as representatives of the most ancient blood group, nature itself suggested, what products to prioritize in the diet: meat is the basis of the diet and contributing to the most effective metabolism.

Promote weight loss are the following products:
  1. Red meat (especially beef), liver, offal.
  2. Seafood, salmon, trout, pike, perch, cod, sturgeon.
  3. Foods rich in iodine (especially kelp and walnuts).
  4. Green fruits and vegetables (except sour vegetables).
  5. Olive oil.
  6. Figs and prunes.

Group II

The diet of "farmers" as natural-born farmers, consists of a vegetarian menu with the addition of a limited amount of dairy products. Metabolism focuses on grains and vegetables.

Here are the most useful products:
  1. All kinds of vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits. Especially useful for pineapple.
  2. Grain: wheat, buckwheat, rice, soy.
  3. Beans and beans.
  4. Vegetable oils, especially grape seed oil, olive and sesame.
  5. Juice, juice, red wine and coffee.

Group III

"Nomads" can boast a pretty diverse menu and even if they eat something from the banned list, their metabolism is able to adapt and better survive the load, than the representatives of other blood groups.

What should always be in the diet of "nomads":
  1. Meat (not to abuse excessively fatty meats).
  2. Fish and seafood. Welcome fatty fish, which is rich in essential fatty acids.
  3. Eggs and dairy products.
  4. Grains: rice (unpolished) and oats.
  5. Green fruits and vegetables (especially cabbage), mushrooms.
  6. Juice, juice, green tea.

Group IV

This blood type was formed around 1000 years ago and until the end nobody knows what contributed.

Few representatives of the fourth group of blood (and up to 5% of the world's population) might notice a predilection for vegetables, dairy products, and aversion to meat absorption. And for good reason!

In this "riddle" is similar to "farmers" and diagonally opposite "hunters".

In the diet of the "Man of mystery":
  1. Seafood and fish (Especially useful for trout, salmon, mackerel).
  2. Soybeans, tofu, soy milk.
  3. Dairy products: cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese and cheese, yogurt.
  4. Cereals: rice, oatmeal, millet.
  5. Green vegetables and fruits especially rich in vitamin C.
  6. Coffee and green tea, broth hips and hawthorn.

A few tips for any diet

  1. Do not mix in one dish of proteins and carbohydrates.
  2. Fractional to eat 6 times a day.
  3. Not to overeat! As soon as work slows down spoon – fed you, and feel it in 20 minutes.
  4. Never wash down a meal the liquid can take not earlier than 2 hours after a meal and 20 minutes before a meal.
  5. Reduce the sugar. Start with at least tea without sugar, your receptors will feel the real taste after 2 weeks, transfer such practice to other dishes – it's all about the habit.
  6. Prefer without yeast whole grains.
  7. per sanguinem typus
  8. Before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir or to eat a baked Apple.

About contraindications

Diet for blood group not apply to those that severely restrict dietary diversity. On the contrary – on the basis of the useful lists you can make a balanced menu and not worry about the hungry faint.

The only caveat would be moderate consumption of meat for people with gout, as excessive protein in the diet will lead to worsening health.

All other contraindications stem from individual characteristics and health status of each person.

Yes unable to conclude that the diet for blood group is primarily a method for the normalization of the digestive processes and General well-being.

It may be noted that in the diet of almost all groups is dominated by products with a low glycemic index, which can not affect weight loss, but if to secure the common core recommendations on food you will be doomed to loss of body fat!