How to lose weight in chest women or men - a set of exercises and diet sample menu

Voluminous shapes are sometimes cause additional load on the back, what causes scoliosis, stoop, problems arise in the selection of clothing.

Can lose weight breast

This part of the body, like all the others, you may gain weight and body fat it is possible to remove with the help of training, diet, healthy lifestyle. If a large volume is associated with the anatomy (broad chest, well-developed mammary gland), ways to lose weight becomes much less. In some clinics conduct surgery for breast reduction, but it is not cheap and carries some risks.

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How to make thin Breasts

If the problem of the growth was excess subcutaneous fat, you should begin to exercise and diet. Many girls claim that with proper diet, immediately becomes a small chest that does not always match the goal. The easiest way how to lose weight in the chest of a woman – reducing the number of calories consumed. To reduce the volume in this part of the body easier than any other.


This is one of the areas how to lose weight in your chest. In the fight against obesity is important not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also make your body fit to the figure, the skin had an attractive appearance, was left with stretch marks. Exercise activates the metabolism and accelerates the process of burning calories, increases blood flow to the muscles, tissues that are actively involved during training.


You need to understand that you need to pull up not only your chest but other muscles of the body to accelerate metabolism. There is a certain complex that will help at home, reduce the amount of body fat, lose weight girls in the chest. You should not run with more weight, not add muscle mass to the volume of the chest. You can perform the following exercises.

Work with the expander

You will need a version of this projectile with a spring or rubber base and two handles. Helps this kind of simulator to load the chest, a little shoulders. You need to do per day 2-3 sets of 10-15 times. The technique of the following exercises:

  1. Stand straight, feet slightly narrower shoulders.
  2. Hands grip the handles and raise the expander on the chest.
  3. Start to pull together both sides.
  4. At the maximum distance lock hands for 2-3 seconds

This is a simple option for home exercise, helps loading arms, shoulders. chest. Depending on the width setting of the hands will depend on what part of the chest will be activated more than the other. If you put arms wide, then load the external part of the pectoral muscle, close – interior. The technique of push-UPS standard:

  1. Take the stop, the body keep straight.
  2. Start slowly to go down and touch the floor chest is not necessary.
  3. Start to climb up, but the arms at the elbows fully straighten not to take the weight off the muscles.
  4. Repeat 5-15 push-UPS.
Exercise with fit ball

You can use this ball for exercise chest. To do this, take it in hand, right in front of them. Squeeze it on both sides for 2-3 seconds, do 10-15 of such jamming. This hand position will help stretch the chest muscles. The harder you squeeze the ball, the more you train the muscles, so you can independently control load.


Right products nutrition is the key to success on the path to weight loss. Women's Breasts need to lose weight, body fat there is burned as actively as possible. This can help and after breastfeeding, after childbirth when the extra weight still doesn't want to leave. The issue of proper nutrition if you want to lose weight, you need to pay a lot of attention because it is 80% of success.

  1. Follow the quality of the food you eat. To lose weight will only. if the diet is high in protein and significantly less carbohydrates and fats. To do this, give preference to white meat, fish, dairy and seafood. If you buy yogurt, cottage cheese, then they must be low fat.
  2. To lose weight in the chest, watch the amount of food. Correct products in large quantities will not help you to lose weight. To burn fat you need to create a calorie deficit, this will force the body to burn fat in search of an alternative source of energy. A day not eat more calories than you spend. Calculate the daily costs and take away from them the 500 it will be the perfect amount for you on the day.
  3. When you eat. Not necessary to eat only until 18.00, more importantly, to the last meal was not right before bedtime, at least for 2-3 hours. To accelerate metabolism, you should eat 4-5 times, but in small (fractional) portions.

How to lose weight in the chest

This problem is not only women but also men. For example, a hormonal imbalance from a guy can lead to weight gain and breast growth. The above described options with the help of sports (gymnastics, working out at the gym or at home), diet, but in the case of hormones necessary to consult an endocrinologist and find out the root cause of this phenomenon. In General, to lose weight a man or a girl, you must perform the same actions.

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The woman

The structure of the female figure does not involve the broad chest, therefore the increase of size often associated with weight gain. The good news is the fact that to get rid of extra inches in this area is much easier than on the thighs or buttocks. To lose weight in the breast will help the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Eat food rich in proteins, reduce calories.
  2. Move more, do some Jogging, swimming, enroll in a fitness program in the gym. Cardio load will help you lose weight faster.
  3. More sleep, proper rest will help you to withstand the additional load.


The problem with that is how to lose weight in the breast of boys occurs much less frequently, because they do not have the propensity to gain weight in the chest. Usually the problem is a result of frequent over-eating and General weight gain. Rarely is the effects of hormonal failure, which should contact a doctor. In order to lose weight you need to adhere to the same rules as for women:

  1. fewer calories;
  2. more sports;
  3. proper rest.