How to lose weight without harm to health – I know all about weight loss!

To struggle with excess weight it is possible and necessary. But it is very important to do this so that the result remained for a long time, and the process of losing weight will not cause harm to your health.

Remember: to lose weight quickly without harm to health impossible!

A little about the consequences of quick weight loss

Everyone knows the saying "the hurry – people laugh". This is largely correct saying, but not in this case. The effects of fast weight loss can be very, very sad. And the one who is trying in this way to achieve harmony, certainly will not be laughing.

What happens to our body when you fast getting rid of body fat:

problems excessus cum pondus
  1. Big load on the liver due to the breakdown of fat deposits that are accompanied by the release of toxins. In this process directly involved the liver, which removes toxins from the body. Therefore, when rapid weight loss, liver is simply not able to cope with so many toxins that lead to poisoning of the whole organism.
  2. When rapid weight loss the metabolism and internal balance of the body. Weight loss is the disintegration of fat accumulated by the body. If this process occurs too quickly, the body slows down the rate of metabolism, in this way defending against stress. But as soon as the person ceases to lose weight and return to your normal diet, the body quickly restores all lost fat and reserve for the next stress. That is why fast to lose weight people, quickly recover, as soon as you stop dieting.
  3. Fast weight loss also affects the condition and elasticity of the skin, which in turn has a very negative impact on her appearance. Skin elasticity much longer returns to its normal state.
  4. Fast and hard diets lead to vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis, but simply to the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals needed by our body for normal development. For example, avoiding fatty foods and fats will lead to a shortage of vitamin D, which is absorbed only in the presence of fat in the diet. A deficiency of this vitamin will worsen the condition of your skin, hair, nails and teeth.
  5. Extra weight loss substantially lowers the immune system, which can lead to various infectious diseases and exacerbation of chronic illnesses.
  6. The decrease in pressure, loss of vitality, memory loss. This is especially true of low carb diets. In such cases, exclude from the diet not only sweet and flour products (simple carbohydrates), but also complex such as cereals, root vegetables, pasta, bread. The elimination of such foods from the diet can have very serious consequences, because carbohydrates are the energy fuel for the brain, and thus for the whole organism. While the exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet will lead to headaches, excessive fatigue, reduction of pressure, deterioration of memory, attention, and decline of vitality.
  7. The appearance of edema. With strict diets, for example, vegetable, fruit, buckwheat or kefir, stops or greatly reduces the intake of proteins, compromised, absorbed into the bloodstream. The shortage of protein in the tissues begins to accumulate fluid, causing edema in the legs and even face.

The deficiency of nutrients, vitamins and minerals will cause malfunction of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous or endocrine systems. And this is just the beginning quick weight loss. With confidence we can say that such abuse of the body will sooner or later lead to more serious consequences, including not ruled out cancer.

Magna dignissim in iecoris
Rapid weight loss is absolutely contraindicated in people older than 50 years! Metabolic processes in the body, and so slowly in regard to age and additional stress in the form of weight loss can result in the hospital. In the best case.

Basic rules of safe weight loss

The first and most correct will be going to the doctor. Explain why it is so important to consult a doctor. The fact is that for many diseases (gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypertension, various cardiovascular diseases, any chronic disease etc.) need a special approach to this process. And only with the permission and with the recommendations of the doctor you can begin losing weight. I'll tell you how to lose weight man without serious health problems. And how not to hurt their health in the pursuit of slimness.

To prepare the body to weight loss in advance. Not only morally, but also physically. Should gradually increase physical activity, more fresh air and more walking. Immediately tune that weight loss will be gradual: within six to eight months. Quick results can lead (and will lead) the manifestation you have one or more of the above items.

So, two important rules that must be followed for those who want to lose weight permanently and without consequences.

The first rule: power correction

The first step is to calculate the required amount of calories corresponding to your lifestyle. Calculate it by the formula that I found on the Internet and I use myself:

10*weight (kg) + 6.25*height (cm) — 5*age — 161

The resulting figure is multiplied by a coefficient that depends on your level of activity.

Sedentary lifestyle: 1.2

Lack of activity: 1.375

Average activity: 1.55

High activity: 1.725

For example, for women thirty years old, with height 160 cm and weight 70 kg working in the office, a minimum of calories per day is 1667, but not 2500 kcal!

Basic nutrition rules:

  1. Start a cooking diary. Please think over and write down a daily menu, at the same time, calculate the calorie content of each product.
  2. Follow the calorie content of your diet. If exceeded, you will get rid of excess calories, using physical exercise.
  3. Basic praecepta tutum pondus damnum
  4. Eat often (5-6 times) and gradually. Per meal no more than 500 calories. All of that will be absorbed by the excess of this norm is postponed in fat.
  5. Have dinner at least four hours before bedtime.
  6. Do not eat semi-finished products and dishes, consisting of a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and TRANS-fats (Shawarma, burgers, pizza, pasties, dumplings).
  7. Organize once in two weeks fasting day. Fasting does not mean starving. Consume in this day of vegetables, fruit, cheese and water (water at least two liters). All the fruits and vegetables that you can eat raw – eat mostly raw. The remaining steam, stew or boil.
  8. Gradually reduce the amount of food per serving. At a time the human stomach normal to 250 ml. the bigger the batch, the more it stretches the walls of the stomach and further increases the appetite. One portion is a glass.
  9. Gradually eliminate from the diet of harmful products. Too quick a rejection of your favorite candy or cake, can trigger a bout of depression and knock you off the right path (rejection of weight loss).
  10. Eat vegetables and fruits in quantities 750 gr.
  11. Eliminate snacking while watching movies or social communication.networks. And if you still are tempted to snack, then let it be vegetables and fruits, instead of chips or cookies.
  12. Drink water. Your daily requirement of water is 30 ml per kilogram of weight. Drinking tea, coffee or juice doesn't count. You should also drink a glass of water 20 minutes before eating and a glass after 40 minutes.
  13. Discard sharp spices and reduce salt intake. Sugar is desirable to eliminate or replace with brown (on fructose).
Rule two: physical activity

With this all clear. About the necessity of physical activity and its benefits to your health will not write about it even know the children. But not trained person how to get active sports are not worth it. It is best to buy a subscription to a fitness club or gym. Under the supervision of an experienced coach you will not shirk lessons. Another plus – the professional approach of the trainer will help to choose the right set of exercises and not to harm health.

If possible, get a trainer home. For example a treadmill. Enough to do 30-40 minutes a day three times a week. During class do several swallows of water without gas.

Additional load: the more you walk, climb the stairs instead of the Elevator, do cleaning in the apartment not one, but two times a week. Everything will go good, believe me.

Important: do not eat within an hour and a half after class!

Some important points

  • You cannot refuse food completely and exhaust yourself with starvation.
  • Never lose weight with the help of mono diets (i.e. one product).
  • Do not aspire to unattainable results, keep in mind your physiology (the woman with the growth of 175 cm and a weight of 45 kg will look unhealthy and will get very serious health problems, even death).
  • Normal (acceptable) weight loss – no more than 4 kg per month 1 kg per week.

During weight loss watch carefully for the condition: periodically measure the HELL, take tests, do an electrocardiogram. With a sharp deterioration of or loss of physical or mental activity, immediately consult a doctor.