Methods of regulation of body weight divided into three types depending on the time for which you need to lose weight:

  1. Reset advance. He is about 3 months and involves such mandatory components: reducing carbohydrate intake, intake of low calorie protein foods, limiting the drinking of tea and coffee, decrease the usual portion of dinner. These limits relate to the power supply. In physical activities is a mandatory increase in the activity of aerobic character, the amount of work with the abdominal muscles workouts in warm clothes to activate the sweating, the sauna.
  2. Reset crash. Involves a time period of 1-2 weeks. To the above rules must be added the rejection of salt in food taboo in sauces and gravy, restriction of fluid intake, increase sweating via sauna, hot baths, regular exercise in warm clothes.
  3. Reset intense. In this case, you need to lose weight for 3-5 days. Therefore can be added to the diaphoretic natural diuretic, i.e. diuretic substances. So, consider all the ways in more detail.

Protein diet

Genera ordinacione pondus ante a elit

She is a genius invention R. Atkins. 14 days nutrition protein you can lose from 3 to 9 pounds of weight. All depends on the diet. It involves minimizing carbohydrate intake and increase the amount of consumed protein. What can you eat during a protein diet? It is fillet of duck and chicken, beef, fish need food to give preference to tuna. The diet should be eggs and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and unsweetened fruit. Cannot be used when protein diet of potatoes and bread, oils and fats, pasta and carbonated sugar water, sweets and cakes, foods cooked by frying method.

Restriction of fluid intake

Reducing fluid intake is perhaps the most popular method of weight reduction before the competition.

One day, you can lose three pounds of body weight, if completely exclude water from the diet. However, the method has its own characteristics. To drop 5-6 pounds in a month before the competition you should start drinking 5-10 litres of water every day. Three days before a test weighing the volume of liquid is reduced by half, the day before weighing, the water is excluded altogether and subject to the limitation in food. Thus, the body that is used to remove excess fluid for a month, doing it and before weighing. So you will lose 5-6 kg of weight and won't feel bad. After weighing, be sure to drink plenty of fluids to recover. However, it should be done gradually.

The use of diuretics

Usually diuretics are used for the day before weigh-in. Their use helps to lose up to 5 pounds of body weight. Diuretics are divided into 2 kinds: artificial and natural. Among synthetic drugs, the chemical is popular diuretics "Furosemide". This drug increases the excretion of water and sodium chlorine. It is taken in a dose of 40 mg one single morning. "Furosemide" helps to get rid of 3 kg of body weight per day. A higher dose of 80-160 mg at intervals of 6 hours per day helps to lose about 5 kg of weight.

You should know that the use of drugs activates the kidneys and causes frequent urination. It may be that an hour after taking the medicine 3-4 times you visit the toilet. Effect of the preparation lasts for 6-12 hours.


Please note that the reception in the evening will visit the bathroom during the night 2 to 4 times. It depends on the characteristics of the organism and in particular of the kidneys. Note that to use the drug only once per week to avoid heart problems. It is a means leaches the body of potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron. Usually with diuretics, which remove these substances, prescribed their contains with no significant time lapse.

The second type of diuretics is given by the nature herbs and fruits. For weight loss is 2-3 pounds before the competition you should drink lemon juice diluted with water in the morning on an empty stomach, increasing daily the amount in half. That is, it must be the juice of half a lemon, the second day — the whole in the third day — 2 lemons, and so on. The use of lemon juice in the morning helps to get rid of ten pounds of weight in 14 days.


Popular and effective method of weight loss is the colon cleanse. With it, you can lose from 1.5 to 4 kg per day. In our intestine is up to 12 kilograms of food residues, fecal matter, toxins. To get rid of remnants of food, use laxatives. Taking such drugs in the evening, the bowel in the morning will get rid of the extra weight. One taking a laxative, you can lose 2 kg of weight. The advantage of this method of weight reduction is that with feces masses is not derived from our body salts and minerals. This means that laxatives for the heart is a more gentle method than the diuretics will impact positively on the health of men. But you need to be prepared for frequent visits to the toilet as and when taking laxatives. As a rule, the urge to stop after three or four visits to the toilet when out most fecal material.

Intestinal lavage

Procedure bowel lavage may be performed by a simple enema or a colon hydrotherapy procedure. The last manipulation involves intestinal lavage with 10 liters of warm water or broth of herbs. This method helps to lose 5-15 pounds of weight. Note, however, that intestinal lavage is a rather dangerous and risky procedure. Because improper conduct could trigger cramping or infection. Manipulation is best done in medical centers, after prior consultation with the doctor. Intestinal lavage "kills" its microflora provokes various complications. This is an extreme and drastic measure for weight loss. Hold it is only recommended in extreme cases.

Increased sweating and physical exertion

The healthiest way to reduce weight, not only for male athletes, is exercise. Typically, increased sweating practice sessions in a warm Jogging suit or other clothing. Often used jumping rope, running stairs with a gradual increase in the duration of the training and its speed.

A very popular way of shedding weight is the sauna or steam bath. During one of her visit lost about 2-3 kg of weight depending on time of stay in the steam room. And if you practice such heat treatments 1-2 times per week, per month, subject to the diet and increasing your physical activity can get rid of eight kilograms of weight.

Need to consider that the sauna is a high load on the heart. Therefore, physical activity and a sauna in one day can lead to deterioration of health. Better this morning to conduct a lightweight exercise, gymnastics, short-run and in the afternoon for 2-3 hours to go to the sauna. Don't forget about to take water at this time, as sweating removes from the body plenty of fluids and weakens the heart muscle.

With regard to enhanced training in warm clothing, for one such procedure you can lose up to 2.5 kg weight.

Recuperatio ars post pondus damnum

Recovery techniques after weight loss

To drop the weight before competition, you need to consider that the process for the organism is always stressful. This change in the usual way and rhythm of life that appears on the body. After that, possible ailments, weakness, headaches. To resume all the processes in the body should start to eat small portions every hour. The incoming carbs will restore the level of glucose in the blood.

We need to restore normal, regular fluid intake. Two liters of water should be divided into 6-8 receptions and drink them through uniform intervals. And in any case not to drink 0.5 liters of water. This will further exacerbate the weakened in preparation for the competition health.

So, ways weight loss men before competition a lot. But the approach to them should be very carefully and competently. Better if it was not sharp within a week or two of dropping the weight, and advance. It is usually about competing athletes advance warning.