How to swim in the pool to lose weight

Which side to watch, swimming has a beneficial effect on internal organs and emotional state of the person as a whole.

  1. Water exercises help to speed up metabolism (metabolism), causing the volume of melt away. While swimming utilizes all muscle groups, so there is no need to work out each zone separately.
  2. Classes of this kind enhance the activity of the heart muscle, normalize blood pressure, control the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
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  4. Alternative navigation can be considered water aerobics, which allows you to perform exercises while in a state of hydro-weightlessness. You will feel only a small load on the muscles, but the effect will not keep itself waiting long.
  5. Swimming is suitable for all categories of citizens who are overweight. The pool will be open to girls, women, middle-aged, the elderly, persons with complications (people with disabilities). This feature is accomplished for the reason that the musculoskeletal system is loaded to a small degree due to the supporting function of water.
  6. With active water procedures improves the elasticity of the tissues, thus begins an intense struggle with body fat, in particular cellulitis. Hydromassage allows you to accelerate the fluid, and flush toxins from the skin.
  7. As mentioned earlier, 1 hour of intense swimming can get rid of 450-500 Kcal. This aspect is 1.5 times higher than when Jogging or fitness.

The reasons why it is difficult to lose weight

Despite the fact that swimming is an active exercise, lose weight with the help of this method quite difficult. Experts have identified the important aspects that hinder the rapid weight loss. Let's consider them in order.

  1. Most people water exercises cause cravings and uncontrolled hunger. This feature leads to eat high-calorie foods in large quantities after a workout.
  2. Swimming lessons contribute to increased fatigue. People on a subconscious level goes to a sedentary lifestyle, without even noticing it. Hence, there are fat deposits in the most problematic parts of the body.
  3. Because the pool has a cooling effect, the calorie burning ends when you exit from the water. From the above it can be concluded that the weight goes only during the voyage.

The types of swimming in the pool

aqua aerobics
  1. Brass. This style of swimming is a starting position on the chest, when legs and arms are moving almost parallel to the water level. Speaking from a technical point of view, the exercise is considered the most difficult. The breaststroke uses the most muscle groups therefore weight goes rapidly. The main driving force — the feet, they loaded the most. Regular swimming breaststroke allows you to pump duplex-virens and quatuor capitibus muscles, the hamstrings, tighten the buttocks and to visually pull in the calf muscle. As for the upper body involves the back, chest and deltoideis muscles.
  2. Butterfly. The style is conventionally called swimming Dolphin, it is considered complicated. Like breaststroke, butterfly is the abdomen, the arms are arranged symmetrically. During a powerful sprint case is thrown up above the water due to the fact that the feet are like the movement of a mermaid (wavy). The butterfly uses the abdominal muscles, back, neck, chest, arms, thighs and calves.
  3. Swimming on the back. Exercise is reminiscent of the style of the brass, but the main difference is the original supine position. Also arranged parallel to the surface of the water, but they are not bent at the elbows and spread completely. This style strengthens duplex-virens muscle of the shoulder, chest, back and partially press. The emphasis is on deltoideis muscle and calves.
  4. Krol. The style with the original position on the abdomen where the paddling is carried out both hands alternately. The upper limbs are parallel to the body, while alternately working the legs. An important feature is considered to be that a person is immersed in water, the neck should be in line with your back. During the next stroke the head turns first one way, then the other, at this moment you can make the exhale and inhale. Swimming the breaststroke involves intensive workload, which involves the shoulders, chest, back, press, double and quatuor capitibus muscles of the thighs, calves.

Specifics of weight loss with swimming pool

  1. Professionals in the field of sports is recommended to visit the cold pool. Such a move helps to increase the amount of energy used, because the body is forced to burn extra calories to restore body temperature.
  2. To lose weight with a pool can, if you make an individual training program. Each lesson should take place with maximum efficiency, otherwise the body will remain in a relaxed state.
  3. Volumes were fading fast, it is recommended to alternate the types of swimming. Interval training does not allow the body to get used to the load, so that it is constantly in a state of stress.
  4. Some girls believe that after long use of the pool shoulders, arms and back are getting wider, however, this misconception is incorrect. To obtain this effect it is required about 4-5 hours of daily training, and the result will be insufficient. Professional athletes spend on such shocking results about 2-3 years in some cases longer.
  5. When you visit the pool takes more energy than a gym, fitness or dance. In order to effectively lose weight during each workout, the water temperature should not be above the level of 25 degrees.
  6. The rate of burning depends on the style of swimming, the initial weight and other individual indicators of the human body. People with too high weight is much harder to tread water, with the consequence that they lose weight faster.
  7. People lose weight 58-60 kg. about 570 Calories during swimming breaststroke, about 525 Kcal — butterfly, 500 Calories — Krol, 550 Calories — rowing on the back. To lose weight quickly, you must choose no more than two sports per hour session.
  8. It is recommended to master the technique of swimming with a personal trainer to specialist tried to fix them and picked up an individual training. The key to successful weight loss — four-time alternating swimming styles. It turns out, you need to change the style 1 time a quarter of an hour.
  9. Many girls make the mistake when on the last hour swim only frog. This style of training involves only the shoulders and neck, which in combination with the cool water has a devastating effect on joints and muscles. Eventually you will have to sign up for restorative massage from a specialist.
  10. As it became known, every style of swimming involves specific muscle group to a greater extent. Due to the fact that you will change the types, it is possible to pull the body into the "right" places and to get rid of fat in certain areas.

Tactics swim in the pool for weight loss

  1. You will be able to get rid of the hated kilograms, provided access to the pool at least 3-4 times a week. Each lesson should not be less than 60 minutes. With regard to the load, it is selected taking into account individual characteristics. Complicate tactics gradually, don't try to implement everything at once. Beginners a half hour of continuous swimming.
  2. If you can't swim, ask the instructor Board of foam, which will help you to stay on the water. Take the attribute into the hands, place in front of him, then start to swim forward, actively her feet. It is important to keep the neck parallel to the Board (face in water), slowly inhaling and exhaling on the count of three (head above water).
  3. The General scheme of the exercises looks like this: swim 4 times front crawl, then the same again on the back. Rest about 45 seconds, then proceed to brass (3 times). Complete approach the butterfly stroke once in each direction. Relax for half a minute, repeat all over again.
  4. If you feel that you cannot cope with stress, allow yourself a longer stay. At this time swim in the quiet rhythm of a dog or a frog. To complement the complex will help water aerobics (tap legs, squats, the resistance of the hands, etc.).

Practical recommendations

  1. It is important that each style was approximately equal at the time of the previous one. In any case do not spare yourself during a workout, an hour exercise for maximum impact.
  2. To understand you correctly distribute the load or not, by the end of 7-8 you need to remain without power. Muscles, "hide", urging you to stop. Don't leave the pool immediately, only slightly reduce the load. If you do not feel tired, increase your pace.
  3. After the swim workout in a relaxed rhythm, or "lie down" on the water for about 5-7 minutes. Then RUB the body with a towel, take a contrast shower and apply the cream to eliminate the effect of chlorine on the skin.
  4. You can't rest less than 20 seconds. Be careful that your breath does not stray. Before proceeding to the next exercise, take a deep breath and exhale.
  5. If you find it hard to swim for half an hour in one go with breaks of 30 seconds after each exercise, pick up an individual complex. The alternative is the duration of swimming for 10-15 minutes with minimal rest intervals. Do not forget to do warm-up before each workout.
It is quite difficult to lose weight through swimming, but this does not mean that getting rid of extra pounds will never succeed. It is important to always remember that 85% of the total duration of the training you have to swim. Try to rest not more than a minute, alternate styles between them. Do not rush to leave the pool after completion of the course.