Oatmeal for weight loss: what to choose and how to prepare recipes (cereals, smoothies, cereal)

Food from oats is well nourishes the body, contains proteins, fats, cellulose, starch, carbohydrates. Proven the benefits of oatmeal for weight loss. It has considerable mineral composition: high in potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus. Magnesium in its composition helps to absorb the calcium that keeps our bones from osteoporosis.

Oats 11 valuable amino acids, in particular arginine. It is used for muscle growth, it is appreciated athletes. This amino acid helps to prevent atherosclerosis, to rid the body of uric acid – the companion of gout, kidney disease. That's why before or after exercise suggest to eat a dish of oatmeal: it helps to excrete urea and relieve fatigue.

Many oats valine – amino acid that is important for body growth, giving energy to the muscles. Vitamins a, E, PP, group B regulate metabolism, help the nervous system, supports good mood, prolong youth. That's why there's oatmeal in the morning is important for everyone, especially children, the elderly, the sick.

Grits or flakes, what to buy?

When buying cereal, decide what is more important to you: the use of dishes or the speed and ease of cooking. The less processing, the more valuable the product, including weight loss.

Avena Beneficia

To prepare the cereal grains are cleaned, about to float and flatten the rollers in the petals.

Let's find out the degree of difference crushed and not crushed grain.

  • Most healthy oatmeal cereal, not crushed grain. It is brewed to an hour, and for pre-soak – 2 times faster. Grain swell approximately 4 times.
  • To 40 minutes boil crimped cereals. Its properties are close to whole grain.
  • From the refined grains get cereals . They are less useful than not crushed cereal. More dense, coarse petals brewed to 20 minutes.
  • The flakes "Extra" are manufactured under numbers 1, 2 and 3. More dense structure of the cereal No. 1, cut them from whole grains. Cooked this porridge for about 15 minutes. Flakes # 2 and 3 smaller, as they are prepared from cut groats. Especially thin and delicate petals in the pack at No. 3, they can have races to float in hot water or milk. In 5 minutes it turns to oatmeal, which preserve the useful properties.

How to cook porridge?

From the grain of cereal or prepare dozens of different dishes. The common – mess. For weight loss healthier it is, when made from whole grains, but it is better to soak overnight. Nutritionists say that after that grits is much better digested and absorbed by the body.

When soaking, it partially destroys the gluten protein complex, which suppresses the immune system. Yes, and to cook grains have less.

Classic recipe – instant oatmeal

It will require 1 Cup of flakes per Cup of liquid: water or milk. Experts advise to take milk and water equally. The porridge will be thick, add cooking liquid. In addition to sugar, salt and oil, the dish is flavored with jam, honey, cinnamon (as this spice promotes weight loss, read here), cheese.

How to diversify your cereal for even the fussiest family members ordered oatmeal for Breakfast? We offer several options.

With dried fruit

Sweet dried pears, peaches, raisins are a great substitute sugar. Dried fruits pour hot water and close the lid. After 10 minutes slice the fruits into small pieces and add to the finished porridge. As the dish is cooked with prunes or dried apricots, but for sweetness you can add a pinch of sugar or honey hot porridge, because it is less sweet fruits.

Apples and oranges

Apples to grate and mix with the contents of the dish, or cut into cubes and put fruit on top, add slices of peeled orange. For more flavour add to the pot during cooking, chop the orange zest.

With cottage cheese and banana

Ready porridge in a bowl put mash with cheese on top, garnish with rings of banana, pomegranate seeds or berries ice cream.

With cocoa

When cooked in hot milk, add 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa. Porridge will become an unusual chocolate color. When it has cooled slightly, sprinkle it on top of the crumbs dark chocolate, coconut flakes or crushed walnuts. It is almost a dessert, a dish for gourmets!

Cooking not required!

The habit of a cooked oatmeal. But it is not necessary. Recall that some of the vitamins and other nutrients are destroyed by boiling. So for weight loss oatmeal is better to cook without cooking, or at least think, and let it rest under the lid.

Count portions, in fact, the secondary heat will destroy over half of the vitamins, and after the third warm-up benefits from food will not.

Quam ad coques oatmeal

And yet. How to cook boiled porridge for weight loss? Soak the groats overnight, the next day boil it half an hour and wrap, so she races to soar. Nutritionists advise to cook porridge on the water, because lactose (a natural sugar) of the milk is absorbed too quickly. Instead of sugar is better to put raisins, dried apricots. Add in the butter dish, depends on your taste and daily calorie balance.

Introduced oats to other dishes

Supporters of a healthy diet and those who want to lose weight, include oats and cereal in a dish. Whole grain put into soups, is prepared from the traditional for Russia jelly. Buy ready-made muesli with dried fruit, granola, where cereal is baked with honey and nuts. Instead of baking cookies to eat oat bread.

Below we offer some tips on how to introduce healthy product in other dishes.

  1. Dry oatmeal is easily crushed in a coffee grinder. The resulting flour to add to pancakes, muffins and other pastries.
  2. Fry the oatmeal in a dry frying pan to beige. Such oats are widely used ancestors: they sprinkled potato wickets, berries, e.g. cranberries.
  3. Roll in oat flour the fish, add cereal instead of breadcrumbs in meatballs. They are not as calorie.

Recommend you to eat cereal with kefir , yogurt and curd. Just preparing a lazy oatmeal in the Bank. Delicate flakes pour milk or yogurt, stir and leave overnight. If desired, add candied fruits or berries. The cold dish is eaten in the morning, take with you to work, study, training.

The smoothie recipes

The fashion for smoothies (smoothie) came to us from the USA. Among dieters, raw foodists, vegetarians and other adherents of a healthy lifestyle popular frothy cocktails with herbs, fruits, berries, vegetables.

In the finished beverage retains all the nutrients of the ingredients. This vitamin bomb revitalizes the intestinal flora, gives the energy athletes, recuperating patients and, of course, helps to lose weight

Preparing smoothies in a powerful blender with a high a Cup or in a food processor. A low-power device to grind the product to a uniform consistency. Try a few simple recipes of this delicious, creamy drink.

Smoothies with milk

Put in the blender:

  • tablespoon to soak grains or Hercules;
  • the banana chopped in large chunks;
  • a teaspoon of honey;
  • a glass of milk;
  • a glass of hot boiled water.

Whisk the mixture and pour into a glass. Sweet frothy drink with the aroma of banana with a rich, pleasant and not burdensome Breakfast.

Cocktails – a vast field for experimentation. Pour more water or milk to get a liquid drink, want cream shaped mass – get more yogurt, fruit.

A thick smoothie with cinnamon and yogurt

Composition for whipping:

  • 3 tablespoons of Hercules;
  • 1 sliced banana;
  • carton of yogurt;
  • a glass of milk;
  • a little ground cinnamon.

Flakes pour hot milk, leave for 5 minutes. Components placed in the blender and whip half a minute. Pour into glasses, sprinkle top with pinch of cinnamon.

Smoothies with yogurt

If you want the best possible to lose weight, try a smoothie with yogurt, it contains 75 kcal per 100 grams of the drink. Components:

  • 1 Apple;
  • 150 g of kefir;
  • tablespoon of Hercules;
  • 1 banana;
  • teaspoon of wheat bran;
  • a glass of hot water.

pour the bran cereal and hot water, float them for 5-10 minutes. Slice the Apple and banana into large chunks. Send all in a blender and whisk. Not enough sweets? Add a teaspoon of maple syrup and blend again. Delicious diet dish is ready!

Believe calorie

Dishes from cereals – are not panaceas for weight loss, they can and to lose weight, and gain weight. It is not the method of preparation, and the caloric balance. If you can create a daily deficit, you will inevitably lose weight.

The less processed the grain the slower it is digested. When losing weight, preferable whole grains, bran. Porridge made from cereals and Hercules satisfying. Polls have shown that even 4 hours after a healthy Breakfast the subjects was not hungry. But after Breakfast, a gentle flakes, pour boiling water, to eat anything I wanted after a couple of hours.

In venuste felis

To achieve harmony it is recommended that fractional 5-6 meals a day. You should eat no more than 1200 calories and then at 200-240 calories for one snack (physical activity is not considered). A person can eat 200 grams of oatmeal, not on a tight schedule weight loss and feel comfortable.

Fast or slow?

Nutritionists agree that to lose weight we must slowly drop during the month not more than 3-4 kg. What should you do if approaching a significant event where you want to Shine?

Fast weight loss oatmeal possible, but it requires patience. Any mono diet causes discomfort due to imbalance of nutrients. To sustain it for more than a week is not recommended.

Here is the description of quick diet on oat flakes. From 100 g of cereal during the day to cook 4 servings of cereal with milk. To eat them, adding to the bowl a teaspoon of honey. For a snack grab apples, oranges or kiwi (3 pieces). In addition to 2 liters of water, allowed to drink herbal teas, green tea with milk. During the week we spend up to 5-7 kg of weight.

We spoke about the amazing product that cleans and strengthens the body, helps lose weight and put sports records. With this knowledge, you will gain the ideal weight and slender figure. Love the oatmeal, and the body to thank you can easily, good muscle tone, endless feeling of youth.