How to lose weight in thighs and buttocks, effective advice?

And yet, unfortunately, not everything from nature is given a handsome athletic figure. Besides having the potential, many don't realize it because of errors in the diet and lifestyle. This is especially true of the buttocks, because this seemingly problematic area with the right approach, could become your pride and joy.

Proper nutrition for weight loss thighs

Proper nutrition really is the most effective way in losing weight. We just need to eliminate from your diet a few foods and eat on a certain schedule. Then you may notice that day by day reduce the volume of the lower body.

So as to completely deprive yourself of healthy foods can not, because all this is necessary to maintain health and good mood, you need to distribute useful products in quantity and time of their entry into our body.

Como Baja de peso en los muslos

Carbs are better digested in the morning, so Breakfast is best to eat porridge or cottage cheese. Fats we need in lunch, but this does not mean that you need to eat a lot of sweets and fried foods. Best suited a small portion of soup with sour cream.

Proteins are necessary for our body in the first place and best of all, they are digested in the second half of the day, especially in the evening, so dinner preferred products such as boiled chicken, eggs, boiled fish and meat, the curd will give a feeling of satiety and will not receive the fatty deposits in the hips.

Slimming thighs with exercise

About losing weight in the thighs and buttocks it is best to ask from the fitness coach, who will talk about a specially selected set of exercises that will allow you to use certain muscle groups.

The bike (fit and bike) and a treadmill suitable for a proper warm-up of muscles. Enough just 5 minutes to the muscles are warmed up and came to tone.

Jumping rope will help to design the correct curvature to the hips.

Swimming makes the skin supple and taut, and accordingly will give a beautiful shape both the lower and upper legs.

Squats as the last final touch will give all the upper legs, the right curves and fit.

Advice and tips for those who relieve weight in the thighs

  1. A hearty Breakfast is heavy. Breakfast is best to eat porridge and drink natural juice or green tea that will help to boost your energy for the whole day. Before Breakfast, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of plain water which will help to quickly Wake up and display the excess fluid from the body.
  2. Climb the stairs on foot. Such a simple and common exercise is always to maintain feet in great shape.
  3. Contrast shower is the best tool that will make the hips much smaller. To achieve even better results, massage will help the normal sponge, and then a special cream for skin elasticity.

General tips for weight loss in the buttocks

Low physical activity is the main cause of weight gain in General, and buttocks in particular. Try to walk rather than use the Elevator, take walks in the fresh air.

Breakfast should be dense, but without the simple carbs – muffins, sweets etc. are Useful for about 10-15 minutes before Breakfast a glass of clean water, it stimulates the metabolism and the digestive system. Tea and coffee without sugar.

Douche – tones and strengthens the body.

A little bit about nutrition

The main point is the correct ratio of food and expended energy. You should strive to ensure that the amount of calories consumed match the needs of the body, but not exceed it. It is necessary to abandon the "fast" carbohydrates, fatty foods, a variety of sweets, limit the intake of salt and spices. In the diet it is better to include dairy, seafood, fish, more fruit and vegetables, instead of white and dark bread with bran, it contains vitamins b and C, and bran contribute to the intestinal. You need to stop eating at least several hours before bedtime.

Physical exercise to strengthen buttocks

One of the main methods of impact on the volume and shape of the buttocks is a sport. Enjoy swimming, dancing, visit a fitness center. In addition, you can and should use a complex of simple exercises for the buttocks that will help you easily achieve the desired result.

  1. Lie on your stomach.
    • Pick up from the starting position alternately straightened his legs.
    • Describe the feet of imaginary circles.
    • Dilute to the side, and then connect the straight legs.

    Each exercise, perform 3 sets of 25-30 times.

    ejercicios para los glúteos
  2. Starting position – sitting.
    • Hands rest on the floor, legs brought together. Slowly lift your pelvis upward, then lower.
    • Straining buttocks, alternately pull on the toe of each leg to and from oneself. Make 2-3 sets of 35-40 repetitions.
  3. Squats. Perhaps the most important exercise for training the glutes. They should be performed slowly and descend as deep as possible. Number of sets – 4 for 20-30 times.
  4. You can use an exercise bike, exercises with a rope.

Massage the buttocks in the form of stroking, pinching, patting locally affects the area and helps to reduce fat deposits and cellulite, makes the skin toned and elastic.