Jumping for weight loss

Jumping is a great aerobic exercise for the body, which improves blood circulation, increases flexibility and endurance of man, is the maximum pulmonary ventilation and actively burn fat. When doing jumping calories are consumed even harder than swimming or running, and this means that you can lose weight much faster.

Jumping for weight loss: the embodiments of the

In order to lose weight, you can jump in different ways:

  • Simply jumping in place without the exercise of power;
  • Jumping exercise for weight loss;
  • Jumping with the use of special shells – rope or trampoline.
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To classes not tired, to jump best to the rhythm of the music. If in a gym or at home are dumbbells, you can jump with dumbbells in hand, but their maximum weight should not exceed 2 kg. enough To start regular jumping, but in the future they can complicate, for example, adding arm swing.

Excellent results can be achieved by jumping rope or on a trampoline. For reviews, jumping for weight loss with the use of the rope the most efficient, but to achieve the desired goal you need to engage regularly, starting with 5-10 minutes a day and gradually increasing the duration of sessions to 20-30 minutes.

Jumping for weight loss: exercises

Before embarking on a complex exercise of jumping for weight loss, you need to make small warm-up, including tilts, leg lifts to chest, squat, circular rotation of the light head and little jumps.

Directly jumping complex includes seven exercises, which follow each other without breaks and pauses:

  • Squat-jump. Runs straight from the rack by squatting and subsequent upward jump. Need to land on your feet, with legs slightly bent at the knees, not the hips. Then the same exercise is performed with bent hips. Repeat 20 times;
  • Jumping on two legs. Light little jumps for a minute with slightly bent at the knees, the feet, the hands placed on the belt;
  • Jumping for weight loss in a posture Strap. Take the emphasis on straight arms, straight legs, and plunging the press. Then jump, the maximum spreading his legs apart. The second hop of the legs "dumped" into the center. To do 20 times;
  • Jumping on one leg. Classic jumping first to the left and then the right foot. Perform 20 times each;
  • Jumping with the release of the legs. Jumping on the right foot upwards it is necessary to bend at the knee of the left leg and bring the knee to the stomach. Upon landing back in starting position – feet flat on the floor. Repeat 20 times for each leg;
  • Jumping "scissors" in the posture Strap. Take the emphasis on straight arms, then push off the left leg off the floor and leap to lead to chest knee, next jump you need to change feet. When you run should not be off the floor your palm and round the back;
  • Exercise "shaking". Stand up straight and start to make small strokes heels on the floor in such a way as to cause vibration in other parts of the body. To further relax the muscles, you can optionally shake hands. The exercise is performed for 1 minute.

Completing the cycle, you should rest for a few minutes and repeat the exercise again. Once all the cycles and repetitions will be performed, you can stretch and lie for 2-5 minutes.

How many calories are burned while jumping rope

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As already mentioned, consumption of calories when jumping substantial. According to this indicator, these exercises are not inferior to training on the cardio equipment, and some types of fitness and does leave behind. For example, doing in one hour dancing or aerobics you can burn 350-400 calories, and just 15 minutes of jumping rope burns as much as 200 kcal (at an intensity of about 100 jumps in one minute).

Knowing this, it is easy to calculate how many calories burned while jumping rope for one hour. The figure is 600-700 kcal, approximately the same number of calories consumed during intense weight training.

Jumping rope is an ideal option so as all that is required is some space and free time, as well as the actual projectile – jump rope.

Jumping rope for weight loss: exercises

You need to start training with a light load, with exercises for about 10-15 minutes a day. After a week of training in this mode you can gradually increase the duration of employment, bringing them up to 30 minutes a day. If you want to workout for 10-15 minutes, they should also be added gradually, taking into account overall health. Waste of 700 calories when jumping within the hour justified only in the case of good physical fitness and no contra-indications.

Jumping rope for weight loss is only effective with regular exercises at least 30 minutes daily. Exercises should be preceded by the traditional warm-up, and to complete the training should be a gradual decrease of the speed of the lesson, you can not in any case sharply to interrupt the jumping and stop.

Starting position for all exercises with a rope the next: straight back, feet together, elbows bent so that brushes were at the hip, the rope in his hands. The traditional jumping on two legs can vary from the following jumps:

  • On one leg (first the right, then left);
  • Alternating legs alternately (simulation run);
  • To cross with rope;
  • With the movement of the rope in the opposite direction (backward);
  • With the passage back and forward;
  • With a gradual rotation around its axis.

Jumping for weight loss, for reviews, give the desired result quickly enough, but finding the desired shape, it is not necessary to throw a workout. To control the weight and not gain extra weight again, you can reduce the duration of sessions to just 15 minutes a day. Do not forget about proper nutrition and to monitor the size of the portions.